Demon's Souls, Dead or Alive 5, Person 4 Golden and more at Otaku Gaming

Good morning - I hope you all have a nice weekend and survived Monday with flying colors.  The last week was a busy one for me at Otaku Gaming with quite a few screenshots and announcements that I would like to point out.  A bit later on the week, I'll touch on my thoughts on The Elder Scrolls Online on this blog, continue to drop some more reviews on slightly older games and more. 

Also, for those of you new to my blog, I have a links page listed below my banner and a blog roll in the far right tab of the right sidebar here.  There are so many great gaming sites and blogs out here, and when I get a chance I like to call them out in relevant posts, but don't just wait for me to do that.  I realize that not everyone's blog is for everyone, but there are some really interesting reviews, opinions, announcements and more to be found on this collection of sites.  If you are reading this and you don't see your site linked/blog rolled and want me to?  Feel free to drop me a comment in this article or an email at and I'd be more than happy to add you.

Gamers are a community unto themselves and those of us passionate enough about our hobby to share our thoughts through blog posts and comments are yet another community that we should take advantage of. 

Now, then - a recap of my articles on Otaku Gaming last week...

Punishingly difficult game Demon's Souls is going through its last legs online.  I absolutely thought that the online experience in Demon's Souls was one of its best aspects as you left messages, saw haunting last moments of life before death and the ability to invade - or defend against invasion brought an element of tension to the game that will be sorely missed.  This is because May is the last month that Demon's Souls online servers will remain active.

Mobile Suit Gundame AGE has been announced for the PSP in Japan.

I've only played two of the Dead or Alive games (Dead or Alive 4 on the 360 and Dimensions for my 3DS) and thoroughly enjoyed both.  So, I was pretty excited to see these screenshots for part 5.

And speaking of screenshots, here's some from Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 HD.

There has also been an announcement that Persona 4 Golden is going to be released for the PlayStation Vita.

Last but not least on the Otaku Gaming front, I'm nearing my Perfect End completion of Record of Agarest War Zero.  I have touched on Agarest War on here several times in the past, and will hopefully have this chronological prequel up soon on both sites with different reviews for each.


  1. DoA 5: If only I had a ps3/360... Looks sweet.

  2. Yeah - I really like this series. You know... you were looking at PS3's awhile back...

  3. Yeah, I was considering one around the time I got a 3DS. It's still on my amazon wishlist that I use to quickly eyeball various things I'm keeping tabs on.

    It was recently $271 for the larger one (no move) which seemed pretty decent. Maybe when it dips below $200 I'll think about it more.. Then again by that time the Wii U will probably be out and that's an entirely different circumstance.

  4. Yeah, I'm really curious what the Wii-U is going to be priced at,and if it will affect the PS 3 and 360's current pricepoints or not.


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