Hope you all had a good weekend!

So, if you try to get every fragment in Final Fantasy XIII-2 - it can take awhile.  I learned this, as I still have like 13 to go out of 160, and I'm sitting at just over 53 hours played so far.  Still, I'm enjoying it and nearly 'done' with the game I suspect.  I spent way too many hours sitting on the sofa playing it this weekend while my wife was out of town.

I doubt I will go after the platinum trophy - I don't have any yet and doubt I will any time soon.  I think I play through titles a bit more thoroughly than average, but never quite to the point where I do each and every last little thing.  Still, I read or saw something about unlocking various wallpapers, including a Lightning one, for your PS3 if you get all of the fragments.  Seeing as I liked Lightning's character quite a bit, that's a cool bonus if it's true.

Even though I know it has been out for some time, I figure I'll give it a fairly lengthy review when finished.  After having sunk so much time into this game and Record of Agarest War Zero, I think I foresee some shorter titles in my immediate future (I say this, fully realizing that I still want to pick up Diablo III.  I also want to play Dragon's Dogma sooner than later).

This week my posting will definitely be scattered.  And over the holiday weekend.  I probably won't get a lot of video gaming in either, as my dad will be up and visiting this weekend and next, but we'll see.  In the meantime - how was your weekend?  Play (or better yet beat) any good games?

I do have a post coming tomorrow.  Here's a hint as to the general topic:



  1. Alfred n the Fettuc21 May, 2012 16:34

    Wow you're gonna do a post about the Smurfs on Atari 2600? I've always loved this game :)

  2. Saw the Avengers Saturday afternoon, after which I played just what I wanted to for the rest of the day: Metroid Prime and Mario Kart 7.

  3.  How'd you like Avengers?  I thought it was awesome. :)

  4.  Yeah I figured it was going to be an easy one for readers to figure out. ;)

  5. Was a fun weekend of partying, boating, probably too much to drink followed by a long drive back Monday.  As mentioned on other threads got some minimal gaming in on the road via mutant mudds and rayman origins demos.  I'm off this week to burn up some time and while I'd love to bust out some massive gaming, I suspect it will be filled with other things I need to be doing.


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