Cut the Rope - iPad Review

My wife got an iPad before Christmas. I say my wife because really, I bought it for her. I have slowly begun to use it more and more over the last few months however, and discovered a wealth of games she had acquired for it. Certainly there are practical uses for the device as well, and I love getting sports updates on it, but I will admit - at least half my time is spent playing games on it. Thing is, they're not the kinds of games I would normally download for myself - yet I often find them to be quite a bit of fun.

The premise behind cut the rope is both simple and brilliant. There is a piece of candy suspended by rope or ropes - and you use the touchpad to 'cut' across a rope and cause it to descend - and that is where the varied stages come into play. It is very easy in the beginning to get through the stages and collect the stars - but later on it can be quite a challenge to properly do either.

Graphics - 8:

I find the graphics to be pretty good overall. They're cute, they're bright and they simply exude fun. Keeping in mind that this device is limited compared to actual game consoles, it is therefore up to the developers to do the best with what they have, and this is a pretty good example of doing just that. You can see everything very clearly, and that helps out quite a bit with the gameplay as well.

Sound & Music - 6:

The sound effects are simple and limited, but do their job. The same can really be said of the music. My wife primarily plays the game with sound off on the iPad, but I generally leave it playing, even if it is little more than just background.

Gameplay - 8:

The design is simple and perfect for the iPad or a touch device. You have to move fast on some of the later stages, and that can be a bit frustrating since there are times I know I swipe my finger across a rope and it doesn't take - or doesn't register quick enough. That said, it works well far more often than not and really feels perfect for a touch device like this.

Intangibles - 8:

It really did not take me a terribly long time to get through the stages, but they were cleverly designed and the additional objective of gathering stars (you do this by swinging the candy into them) adds a fair amount of replay value to it. Getting through the stage itself is seldom difficult, and early on all 3 stars come easily. Later on? You're lucky to get one. It's an affective formula.

Overall - 7.5:

This is an inexpensive game and a great little diversion on the iPad. I'm obviously pretty late to the game here, but I am finding some good value not only in the iPad in general, but some of its titles. This is one I can recommend with ease due to its low price and fun gameplay.



  1. Funny you should mention this game as I was just looking at it earlier today. It was released on the amazon app store on Thursday and seemed interesting.

    Now it's only a matter of if I should wait and see if it's on the 'free premium app of the day' or shell out the $0.99.

    The only thing is I wonder how it performs on a small phone screen vs ipad.

  2. That's a really good question, Robert. I've heard it's still a good game on phones, but I'll be honest - I could see myself getting slightly frustrated with it on a smaller screen. The iPad's larger surface makes the sweeping/swiping gestures a lot more manageable - at least that's my guess. It's a fun little game. plunked down several hours, which for a buck is a good deal. The fact my wife actually liked it too means it got double the mileage.

  3. Got it for free today via amazon appstore and thought I would just throw out a quick comment about the screen size and performance.

    It actually runs very well on my phone which I can't say for other games like PvZ for example. As for screen size, it was surprisingly fine for cutting the ropes.

    I can see how an iPad would be much better for this and allow for larger swipe gestures, but it really wasn't a problem at all. Only made it through maybe a dozen levels and thought it was really cool.


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