Castlevania - Retro Reflections

So a couple of my most recent posts were in regard to Castlevania. Simon's Quest was really my first foray into the series, having gotten that with arguably the creepiest Nintendo Power magazine ever (Belmont holding Dracula's decapitated head was pretty crazy) - but I did rent and go back to play Castlevania one weekend. The game pushed me to my limits at the time. 2 night rental, and I beat it about an hour before my dad needed to take it back on Sunday night. Playing it now, obviously the controls are a bit tight and there is a lack of special 'moves', but the gameplay is still simple and effective. The music holds up well also. Probably the biggest complaint other than some brutal platforming (lots of cheap falls to your death) - is that the graphics flickered like crazy when there were three or more enemies moving on the same plane as you. Still, it was a fun replay.



  1. In contrast to your play order I've only played the original, though I do want to try Simon's Quest at some point.

    The music holds up well also.

    Heck yeah it does. I also can appreciate SuperMeatBoy's nostalgic throwback to Castlevania with world 2's intro cutscreen a bit more after seeing this video. :)

  2. LOL! Yeah, I have always enjoyed the music from the Castlevania series. Simon's Quest was a very different beast from 1 and 3 which were action/platforming games. Simon's quest definitely had those elements, but had some rpg-like and exploration elements too


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