20 years of Sonic

My wife sent me this - I completely missed it. Given the fact my 2 youngest were HUGE Sonic fans for years, I thought this was pretty cool.

Anyway, my youngest thought this was really cool when I showed her right now:

I think we've owned about 2/3 of those games - I know I played the first 4 that showed up on that list. I haven't played Sonic Colors or Generations yet, though my youngest did ask me for both while watching that with me. Fond overall memories, though like Mario I enjoy Sonic much more as a 2D, high-speed plotformer than as a 3D adventure game.


  1. I read the first few of her blog and man those were some great posts. Especially the bad parenting ones. :D

    Pretty cool video there as it's been awhile since I've seen Sonic. In some ways I really like the speed, but in general I can't say it's one of my top platformers for some reason.

    Something like MegaMan, Metroid, Bonk or SMB3 was more my speed.

    Now I have to see if any of them are on virtual console or Steam...

  2. Thnkas for the mention, Spouse :)

    Robert, glad you liked them. Hope you check in from time to see what else i spew about. ;)

  3. He's good about the PR. Even links to my oddly-worded, sparse gaming thing...

    I better get some sleep, but I'm a few pages in and having some good laughs. It sounds like Mrs free Summer camp needed her weave slapped off. :)

  4. @Robert - rofl - right? I mean, that camp is awesome. Our daughter loves it there. it's all for free and the volunteers are so nice. I feel back for them having to listen to that woman's blathering.

    Seems like there was/is a deal for Sonic games on PSN recently - not sure about Virtual Console though, Hmm...

    I loved the earlier Sonic games, the sense of speed was amazing when they first came out, and I actually liked them better than the Mario games, though I do feel there's something to be said for the kind of progression systems found in Mega Man or Metroid that trumps either of those two for me.

  5. People: They're the worst.

    I'm reminded of being in restaurants and eavesdropping on people acting like jerks. I feel bad for the staff and just want to tell the people to go eat at home if they have so many damn requirements and questions. Clearly they're not suited for public meal consumption.

    Last time we were in our usual Vietnamese place, this guy was going all custom order with 500 questions. Really dude? Some of the staff hardly speak english and you want to have a lengthy conversation and highly customized order? Just let them do what they do best, be a good American and order rice noodle bowl #57 and move on..


    As for Sonic, there appears to be just a few on Steam. Though WiiVC seems to be loaded up pretty well. May have to give some a look myself. At times some of the mario games do get a little stale and I think some of the speed in sonic is a refreshing change.

    VC stuff:
    Sega Master System:
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Sonic Chaos

    Sega Genesis:
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic Spinball
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3
    Sonic 3D Blast
    Sonic & Knuckles

  6. yeah, I always feel bad for restaurant staff in general - probably because I used to work in one and now work in a different form of customer service. :P

    Not bad on the Sonic deals. We have several Sonic games bouncing around our house. The kids don't love him quite as much as they used to, but he's still around in game (and even in a few stuffed animals for our youngest) form


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