Memorable Music in Gaming #46

Hello from my computer desk here at Chalgyr's Game Room. I'm the Site Administrator, Valerie, and I'm here to put in my little piece on Memorable Music in Gaming. So, while I clean off my desk (sounds of equipment and papers flying  to the floor) I'm going to attempt to master this controller I bought second hand to try out. I can still hear my children giggling as they roll on the floor laughing loudly at my attempts to play Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES we had waaaay back when! Invariably there are tons of games music out there that I love, but the Editor in Chief limited me to these, *grins wickedly* so, I found the OST's for all of them!

FFVII - Advent Children OST

Okay, okay, I do know this was a movie, but it is based on the game and I enjoy listening to the music in it! I never did say I was doing this in order by years, now, was I? The music in this draws out my emotions like no other. I am drawn to Materia, Black Water mostly as well as One-Winged Angel. I am a big fan of all of Nobuo Uematsu's works.

Subnautica OST

This one I was so engrossed in this game that I actually fled back to my base upon first sighting of the reaper and I wasn't even close enough for it to get to me! Yep, the music in this game just draws me right in! The sound effects for the creatures was spot on as well! Kept me on my toes!

The Talos Principle OST

I love puzzle games and the music in this one was both soothing and encouraging when I got stuck. Seriously, if any of you suffer from anxiety attacks, pull out this game or Hob to help you out of that jam. Concentrating on what to do in either of those games helped me through many a battle with my own mind.

Mass Effect OST

I'm still only in the first game, but I find this game has it 's ups and downs for music. On the upside, the opening theme and Noveria pulled me right along as with most of the music. Liara’s World sounded like midtones of wonder, and left me hanging in dread. The downside was that dread. Sometimes it felt like it wouldn't go away even after completing a quest. It certainly is keeping me on the 'straight and narrow' though!

Chrono Trigger OST

I only played this game once or twice at a friend's place. Nope, never finished the game as I would grow so nostalgic from the music and end up dying repeatedly. This cemented my love of playing games on my PC because I wasn't good with controllers. Makes for a hilarious time though trying to help me with those 'combo moves' that only my friend had in his head! I will button mash to my heart's content, Thank you!

And there you have it, my small corner of the gaming world revealed! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to linking up the rest of the music and reviews. *waves*



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