To The Rescue! A Heartwarming Dog Shelter Management Simulator Available Now!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nov. 2, 2021
To The Rescue!, the heartfelt dog shelter management simulator from developer Little Rock Games and publisher Freedom Games, goes up for adoption today on Windows PC and Mac via Steam ahead of its planned release date for later this week. Twenty percent of the developer’s proceeds will be donated to The Petfinder Foundation to support real-world animal shelters.

Step into the bustling local animal shelter and help some stray pups find their forever homes. Manage the inner workings of the dog shelter while maintaining a warm and welcoming environment for future adopters. Ensure each pup and person are perfectly paired up between four dog sizes, seven breed types, and 29 dog varieties with dozens of individual personality traits. It may take an army to keep this thankless task going, but those fuzzy faces are more than worth it.

Balance feeding, grooming, and exercise schedules for all of the dogs in between belly rubs to ensure everyone’s health is in tip-top shape. Manage shelter resources by upgrading facilities, hiring staff, securing additional funding, and replenishing essential inventory on a tight budget. Most important of all, keep in good standing with the local community to become the heart and soul of the town.

“We are ‘unleashing’ To The Rescue! early to delight sim fans and dog people everywhere!” said Olivia Dunlap, co-founder, Little Rock Games. “We are delighted to not only pay respect to shelter volunteers around the world; but also bring meaningful awareness to their work through this game as well as assist in raising funds by donating a portion of our team’s proceeds.”

A Tiltify campaign launches today as well allowing anyone to jump in and assist in raising funds for The Petfinder Foundation. To The Rescue! is available now for $19.99 USD. The development team has pledged 20% of their profits from the game will be donated to The Petfinder Foundation as well.

For more information on To The Rescue!, check out the Little Rock Games website and join the community on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

About Little Rock Games

Little Rock Games is a community-based tabletop game development studio and To The Rescue! is their first digital project. Focusing on making projects that emphasize local, ethical, and impactful elements, the studio aims to raise awareness of social issues as well as donate to organizations whose work inspires the subject matter of their games.

To learn more, check out the official Little Rock Games website.

About Freedom Games

Freedom Games is a publisher dedicated to offering best-in-class services to partners and providing players around the world with unique and memorable experiences. With over 50 years of combined industry experience at the executive level, Freedom Games seeks to leverage its expertise to facilitate great games and even better publishing experiences.

For more information, visit the official Freedom Games website.

Article by: Susan N.


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