Let's Play - 8-Bit Adventures 2 Steam Summer Festival Demo

8-Bit Adventures 2 by developer and publisher Critical GamesPC (Steam) spotlight article written by Pierre-Yves.

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Recently as part of Valve's Steam Summer Festival, Critical Games released the newest demo to their upcoming title 8-Bit Adventures 2. Having been in development for several years, we first took a look at 8-Bit Adventures 2 back in October of 2017 before being able to sit down with the lead developer Josh Hallaran for an interview on it, Tales Across Time and the original 8-Bit Adventures.

So what exactly is 8-Bit Adventures 2? It's a retro inspired RPG that brings us back into the world of a computer after our "heroes" saved it from the dust that was eating up everything in its path. There's still plenty that is unknown about the story as we have only been treated to some teaser moments without an overall context, but, what's present is clear that this isn't just something that has been cobbled up together.

The demo currently contains three separate segments. The Prologue, a Dungeon and a Town that contains a boss fight if you wish to find it, otherwise, you simply need to walk out the front gate when you're ready. The environments are well detailed, the graphics run smoothly, the music is awesome and the dialog has been paced so that each person you talk to has a personality to them which is a lot nicer than simply displaying the same text with the same speed for everyone.

So because there are three separate segments, I decided to record a playthrough of all three which can be found on our YouTube channel and which also has been embedded right here. So while we wait for the final version to be available, enjoy our recent look at the game!



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