Adorable New Trailer for Snacko

26 MAY 2020 - Publisher Armor Games Studios are delighted to announce they have partnered with developer Bluecurse to reveal the latest announcement trailer for Snacko - a cute Stardew Valley-like adventure sim in which you join adorable kitties, Momo and Mikan as they start out their new life on a seemingly deserted island.

Showcased via Wholesome Direct 2020, players will rebuild a community they can design and decorate as they please, and of course, farm, fish, and beyond, all at their own pace.

Step into the paws of Momo and her best friend Mikan as they arrive on a deserted island with a mysterious past to try to make a place they can call home. Even with some reluctant help from curmudgeonly caretaker Nobu, these kitties have their paws full trying to rebuild the island from scratch. As Momo, with Mikan’s help, you’ll grow crops, take care of animals, go fishing, and more, while choosing who to invite to help populate your budding village, and maybe discover the secrets of the island’s past along the way.

Snacko launches on Kickstarter Tuesday 26th May to help build a passionate community around the game who can provide valuable feedback throughout the development process. Drawing inspiration from, and building on, classics like Rune Factory, Story of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda series, Snakco hopes to take players on an unforgettable farming adventure.

Snacko is being created by Bluecurse Studios, a husband and wife game development team based in Canada. Artist and community manager Erisa said:

"We both had no idea that our fun little side project would grow into such a large and complex part of our lives.

"It's been an amazing experience to work on something that is 'just for us' that turned into a game that many are looking forward to. We can't wait to share more of the game with everyone!"

Snacko is live on Kickstarter now and available to wishlist on Steam.

About Snacko

Snacko is a video game about two cats starting a new life on a mysterious island. You'll farm, fish, and explore while building a community… and eventually discovering the secrets of Snacko's past!

  • Grow a wide variety of crops across all seasons

  • Unlock fertilizers, seed makers, and much more to help your farm flourish

  • Craft tools to expand your farm, and decorate it as you please

  • Build Your Way: snap, rotate, or stack game objects however you want

  • Unlock, post job listings, and send letters to bring animals from around the world to live on your island

  • Fill your farm with lively creatures and spirits to make your life easier

  • Take on part-time jobs or other tasks to help your village thrive

  • Go beyond your farm and village to the four surrounding isles

  • Find and grow new ingredients to make tasty, useful recipes

  • Discover the truth behind why the island’s inhabitants vanished

About Bluecurse Studios

Bluecurse Studios is a husband and wife game development team based in Canada. Erisa is the artist and community manager, while Jordan is the game's programmer and SFX designer. They've already been working on Snacko for a few years, though 2019 was the year they decided to take a chance and go full time on it.

The game stars their real-life cats, Momo and Mikan!

About Armor Games Studios

From its roots as a popular portal for online gaming, Armor Games Studios is a publisher that aims to work directly with and help foster talented indie developers to create unique and engaging games of all types for all platforms. For more information, visit, and follow the company on Twitter @ArmorGameStudio.

Article by: Susan N.



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