Neptunia Shooter - PC Review

Neptunia Shooter, a bullet hell from the Neptunia series. Short, sweet, surprisingly entertaining, nerf dogoos plz.

From the people who brought you the Neptunia series, we now have the one-off spin-off of Neptunia shooter. Is there a plot? Not that I can tell. As far as I’m aware, the main heroines from the Neptunia series have been possessed or something, and only Neptune remains herself. Cue a bullet hell shmup where Neptune has to beat her friends back into sanity.

As far as games go, Neptunia shooter is really basic in the sense that all shmups are pretty much just rail shooters. So what does Neptunia Shooter do to set itself apart from the crowd? Well, every time you beat a boss that isn’t the last boss, a character joins you. Each character has their own unique and situationally useful attack. For instance, Neptune has the standard forward shot, compa drops Dr. Mario pills on enemies, and Iffy shoots backwards. While this can get confusing to keep track of, and isn’t really mentioned that you can switch characters on the fly, it certainly adds some spice to the game.

With a super retro 8-bit art style and chiptune soundtrack, I got a bit of nostalgia going on. Ultimately though, Neptunia Shooter doesn’t feel like a game the was developed for the purpose of being an actual game. What I mean is that it’s rather short, clocking in at about ten minutes to beat, excluding the numerous amounts of attempts you may need to beat it, and it doesn’t really feel at home on the PC. As a handheld or Switch title? Yeah, I could see that, or even as a minigame in one of the main titles, but not so much as a standalone as it was released. While this may help tide you over until the next Neptunia title releases (which I believe P.Y. is reviewing right now), I can only really see Neptunia Shooter as an extra bonus mini-game or phone app game.

Was Neptunia Shooter fun? Definitely. Would I play it for more than an hour? Probably not. As a longtime fan of both the Neptunia franchise and bullet hell games, I can honestly say it’s really fun and pretty challenging, but it could also be a lot more than what it is. If you’re a fan of the bullet hell genre and like the Neptunia series, consider giving it a shot, but I wouldn’t expect many other people to get enamored with the game.

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Idea Factory International
Idea Factory International
Shoot 'Em Up
Single Player
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