Miracle Pororo Launches on Google Play!

GRAVITY Co., Ltd., global game developer and publisher of online and mobile games based in South Korea, announced today Miracla Pororo, a free-to-play idle RPG game, has internationally launched on Google Play without South Korea, China, and EU market.

Miracle Pororo is based on the popular animation IP, “Pororo the Little Penguin.” Featured with simple to play mechanics, players can enjoy the game with a few touches of the screen. Miracle Pororo also offers a variety of entertaining features such as missions, battles, and equipment craft.

Following the successful soft launch which concluded on Feb. 19th in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, GRAVITY Co., Ltd., said that they received many interesting and informative feedback from its fans during the soft launch period and that information helped refine the game.

“We started the soft launch in only a few select countries and period, yet the response we received from the players was truly heartwarming,” said Jin Hwan Kim, a Director of Gravity Business and a President of Taiwan-based subsidiary Gravity Communications.

In addition, Gravity has shared its plans for the much-awaited iOS App Store release in upcoming months. Although the details will be confirmed later, the company is confident in continuing to introduce the version into the future.

About Gravity

Gravity was established in April 2000, during the early stages of the domestic online game industry. As one of the leaders in the golden age of online games and mobile games, Gravity is the only domestic game company to be registered on the NASDAQ. Gravity has a wide range of genres of games based on Ragnarok IP, including Ragnarok Online and Mobile Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, as of which has the one of the largest user base in the world.

Gravity also retains other creative IPs besides the Ragnarok IP. Other online and mobile games have been serviced based on IPs such as Dragon Saga, Requiem, etc. Gravity strives to carry out a global publishing business based on strong global network.

Article by Susan N.


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