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Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered is a revamp of the 2009 release of the third entry in the series. Prior to this point, the most that I knew about Red Faction was that if you wanted something to go boom, it went boom in a natural manner allowing you to change how you approached situations as if a door was locked? You could blow it off its hinges or make a hole in the wall beside it. Moving from that first-person introductory view that I had all those years ago at the end of high-school… damn I’m getting old, this was my first rumble with Guerilla which takes to the open breathable air of mars for some environmentally destructive third person action.

The beginning of our story, and the reason for your actions, begins when you arrive on Mars in order to meet your brother and get to work. Not long after going through what is basically a tutorial, he is both placed under arrest and then shot and killed for being part of the Red Faction. A Rebel group. Saved from that said rebel group, it isn’t long before you take up your own arms in order to stick it to the Earthen Defense Force currently occupying Mars. I hope you’re ready for lots of explosions and plenty of gun fights because it’s going to get messy.

My time on Mars is a little bit of a love / hate situation. I loved that there were plenty of ways to take out my enemies and the structures that they could hide in. I loved that you could essentially take over any vehicle that was lying around and claim it for your own wanton destruction. I loved the snark of your character’s dialog. What I could hate was that often your melee weapon, your very own and always faithfully with you sledgehammer, was more effective than an assault rifle. Targeting enemies, putting yourself into cover and generally moving around felt clunky like it was always almost what you would expect but never quite there. While you could eventually slide into that awkwardness of movement, it was always enough to detract from the otherwise pleasant… or as pleasant as a revolution can be, time on Mars.

Having played the original Red Faction I had expected certain elements from the third in which a few were met and others I could learn to live without. Unlike the original, only the structures are destructible. You can’t make a hole in the ground or in the side of a mountain to hide in. Instead you can only destroy what is on top of it all for scrap that you’ll need. These structures you can either effectively hit with your sledgehammer or take out with remote explosives. Being honest? One is just as satisfying as the other though if you’re going to hit it with the proverbial stick, make sure you know which way that it’s going to fall because it’s going to hurt if you don’t move.

So the above mentioned scrap is what you’ll need to level up your armaments in order to take back Mars. Xth amount of scrap is going to be required to improve your armor, detonate more explosives at a time and generally unlock more weapons for your usage. What I could find a bit hard at times is that taking down large building didn’t always yield the amount of scrap that you would think and often times it was more worth your time to run over the EDF forces in a car to get scrap that way. Yes running over your enemies in a car was often a faster way to accumulate scrap. Mars is weird.

So what does all of this mean when you put it together? You need to collect scrap in order to better equip yourself so that you and the Red Faction can boot the EDF from Mars. How do you do this? You do this by performing both main and side missions in order to reduce the EDF’s control over an area and to improve the moral of your own forces. Each mission type helps reduce the influence by a certain percentage but you can always go take out key installations in order to move it along faster as long as you keep in mind that even if the influence is zero, you still need to do the missions to lead up to whatever comes next.

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered isn’t a bad title but certain aspects show their age and the lack of refinement from the original release. That’s not to say that it’s not a hell of a lot of fun to take on the EDF in any way you see fit, it’s just that the controls can often get in the way of a really enjoyable time.

Game Information

Sony PlayStation 4
Volition, KAIKO   
THQ Nordic
Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Other Platform(s):
Microsoft Xbox One

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Article by Pierre-Yves


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