Immortal Redneck - PS4 Review

Right off the bat I knew I would love this game as a redneck driving through the desert gets mummified in the intro. The goal of the game seems pretty clear. Revenge.

Immortal redneck is a Roguelike set with an Egyptian theme. As with most of these genres you have one goal and no save points. You either make it to the the boss and win or you die and spend your hard earned gold which is often not enough to even buy one upgrade. The pyramids are always the same, but at the same time, different. The rooms are shuffled but you will often encounter the same rooms until you clear the pyramids. There are also different types of guns and gold to collect along the way.

The purpose of this game is not simply to go to the top of the pyramid and clear each boss, it's getting strong enough to actually get to the top and even stronger to defeat the bosses. After each death you have the ability to spend the gold you have earned on upgrades or character unlocks in the skill tree. Each skill has a maximum number of times it can be upgraded while others are one time purchases. Obviously enough, each upgrade costs more and more until it eventually maxes out.

The second aid to your game is the Merchant who sells you items called scrolls and the ability to lock the map at a huge gold cost. There are times when locking the map can come in hand, either it's a simple layout to the boss and you simply wanted round 2, or other times it's because there are good gold rooms or spots you wanted to find a second time that will not disappear. Of course sometimes it's simply nice to know where you are going.

These scrolls that the Merchant sells are basically power ups or skills you can unlock until the next time you die, anything from double jumping or having low gravity, infinite ammo for a certain period etc. Learning to balance the way you spend your money is important to avoid wasting extra gold, as when you go back into the pyramid you lose everything you have left.

Dying can always be frustrating, but with this genre of game dying is also a built in part of the game as it generally makes you stronger (until something dumb murders you from behind). The game has all types of manners of which to kill you. Flying skulls, bouncing slimes, skeletons with bows, ancient Egyptian pharaohs that aren't happy you are in their tomb, spike pits, or simply getting greedy for that chest across a lake of lava and being bad a jumping. It adds a nice sense of sadness to know you died because you wanted to fatten your wallet.

There are all types of characters to be unlocked sadly none of them change the skin of your immortal swearing redneck but maybe that's not a bad thing. The change of characters changes your loadout upon "respawn". I enjoyed trying out all of the characters ive unlocked so far and used strange guns including potato launchers or tesla coils, kunai and all sorts of fun weapons my favorite being the Anhk: unlimited holy cross spamming attacks… so satisfying though its damage was not amazing I loved the animation. There are also chests all around the pyramid that offer weapons but they are usually guarded by a small puzzle of sorts or simply a more intense fight.

Over all I found Immortal Redneck to be quite enjoyable. I spent 6 hours on my first night simply playing, dying and re-dying some more but I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed other similar types of the genre. Being an FPS simply adds bonus points and I would recommend it for sure.

Game Information

Sony PlayStation 4
First Person Shooter
Single Player
Other Platform(s):
Microsoft Xbox One
Nintendo Switch

Provided by Publisher

Article by Marc L.


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