Zombasite - Orc Schism - PC Review

I quite enjoyed Zombasite when it fully launched back in the late summer of 2016. Not simply having decided to sit and leave things as is, Soldak Entertainment have continued to update it and now have released the first expansion which adds more content and the experience is even smoother than it used to be.

Taking things from the top, Zombasite is all about survival of yourself and your clan against an unending horde of zombies. Equipped from the beginning with nothing more than four walls, you'll have to leave the safety of your base in the search of supplies and other survivors to help your own continued survival through this fantasy based apocalypse.

The original experience was a solid one that provided plenty of Hack & Slash through randomly generated environments that continually threw tougher foes your way. If that wasn't enough, you also had to deal with your very own nemesis would would taunt you and send powerful beings after you or your base. As time goes by everything slowly becomes more powerful forcing you to get a move on if you don't want to get rolled over.
So why the recap you ask? Because while Orc Schism adds in new content, it's meshed very well with the original keeping the core experience the same while also providing something new.

Now because of Zombasite's format, it could take some time for both new and old players alike to experience the additions. This is in no way a bad thing as the entire experience is randomly generated so if all of the new stuff was thrown off the bat, what would be the point? Instead it's meshed in with the already existing content and as I mentioned the mesh goes well so that you'll be experiencing both new and old at the same time.

So is it worth it? Yes. Zombasite: Orc Schism gives existing players who haven't touched it in a while a reason to come back with more to do while also giving new players even more incentive to dive in.

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Soldak Entertainment
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