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A while ago I had the distinct pleasure of being able to write a preview for Oh My Godheads, and now I have the chance to write a full review. For those who haven’t read through the preview, or have forgotten, OMGodheads is a very interesting mash-up of capture the flag and dodgeball, sporting “the world’s first capture the head action…for 1-4 players”.

OMGodheads has two basic styles of play with two types each, and an extra “challenges” type section. The first gameplay type is the advertised gameplay, where you have a giant deity head that you need to pick up and just generally deal with. Capture the head is basically capture the flag, but with a deity head. You pick up the head, and have to get it into your colour coded zone in order to score a point, all while avoiding other players attacking you, or whatever special ability the head is throwing at you.

King of the head is similar, except it’s a “hold the head for the longest time” to win. Headhunters and last man standing are all about the “PvP style” combat, where you and your friends beat each other up for points, or fight AI controlled enemies for superiority. The last mode available is Trials, which are one off challenges that will get you used to some of the aspects of the game, as well as giving you a sort of improvised tutorial. The challenges can be really easy or really hard, but they’re all a lot of fun.

The game can be easily played with up to four humans, and can be assigned as either controllers or two different sets on the keyboard. I am happy to say that both control schemes work great. There are a bunch of different heads to spice up gameplay, such as one that freezes people in an area around it, or one that sends out homing crows to attack players nearby. There are a bunch of different items you can throw at opponents as well, including exploding pies, as well as items that mimic some of the godheads’ abilities.

With a sizable selection of both heads and playable stages to choose from, there’s definitely a lot of fun to be had. The AI is adjustable, and for the most part is extremely competent in doing whatever difficulty they happen to be set to, and very rarely will do something exceptionally stupid. There’s a lot of adjustability, and the ease of simply jumping in to a game, with some great couch co-op, is definitely an added plus. With all sorts of deflectable exploding pies and various deities, there’s also a lot of variety, even if you play on the same stage or with the same head, the combinations can get quite entertaining.

There’s definitely a lot to like about Oh My Godheads, but little needs to be said. It’s an awesome party game that’ll suck you right in, it’s easy to get used to and easier to play. While simple to learn, there can be a lot of strategy involved, especially since different stages have different aspects to them, such as moving goals or platforms that sink into lava.

A few things I noticed changed from the preview that I was particularly happy to see was that some of the more arbitrarily difficult trials were balanced, and unlockable stages and godheads tell you the unlock conditions when selecting them on the field/head select screen. Each round can last as little as a minute or two, or upwards of ten, given the right (or wrong) combination of heads and fields. Oh My Godheads is a great party game, or a good game to just sit down to for a few minutes at a time. Like me, you’ll probably find yourself playing for a lot longer than you realize.

There isn’t really a whole lot to say about Oh My Godheads, it’s simple and easy to get into, but that’s one of the major draws. It’s fun, addicting, and has a solid soundtrack. If nothing else, one thing is for certain: this isn’t a game where you can just quit while you’re ahead.
Square Enix
Single Player
Local Multiplayer
Other Platform(s):
Microsoft Xbox One

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Article by Richard


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