Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 3: The Fractured Mask - XB1 Review

This isn't the worst or the best of the one and a half seasons of Batman that Telltale Games has provided us. It's good, but not great as the story itself feels as though it is setting us up for the last half of this season, but thankfully this is not one of those episodes that just treads water and completely stalls out the plot in favor of some new character introductions.

The prior episode introduced us to some new characters that will likely have a huge impact no the coming story, but if you were hoping to see that impact here in the third episode, you will probably be left with a feeling of 'close but not quite' as some of these newer characters are here, but not really as prominent as I expected them to be - especially Bane.

That being said, Harley is the star of the show, stealing scenes (not unlike how she was easily the most interesting character in the ill-fated Suicide Squad movie). Likely this is due in large part to the character's unpredictability. You generally know what you are getting out of characters like Alfred or Mr. Freeze, but characters like Harley and the Joker/John Doe kept me on my toes by and large.

Of course the Telltale Games are more about the illusion of impact on the story than actually giving you that kind of control. It was less evident in their earlier offerings but after several years of playing every adventure series they have released, I have come to accept that I'm impacting moments of dialog or certain small events, but seldom making any kind of major impact on where the story eventually winds up, with a handful of few exception.

That being said, there are some pretty convoluted relationships at play here (with the reappearance of Catwoman, who is once again voiced spectacularly by Laura Bailey), and the tangled way that Batman and Bruce Wayne are seen as completely different entities by most outsiders. These moments of uncertainty, in seeing how characters will react to what you choose to say or do may not create earth-shattering changes to the overall plot, but they are easily the most interesting moments in the chapter. To that end, there is some really fun dialog here as the plot takes on layers depending on which of the personas you are in charge of at the time.

All in all, Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 3: The Fractured Mask is an enjoyable romp that fares just as well when you play the role of Bruce Wayns as when you are Batman, which is quite the accomplishment and continues to make these Tettale Games titles one of the more unique and interesting takes on the Caped Crusader. That has me excited to see what the last couple of chapters have left for us.

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Telltale Games
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PlayStation 4

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