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Gal*Gun VR tells you just about everything you need to know in its title. You're playing a shooter, surrounded by gals while wearing VR glasses to help immerse you in this virtual reality title. Sure, there is plenty of fanservice here, but at its core we actually have surprisingly solid if unspectacular action game as well. The downside is, it can be pretty shallow also.

There are a lot of games out there that provide plenty of gratuitous fanservice, but until sitting on the bus with a Vita and a potentially sketchy virtual novel in your lap for onlookers to peek at, you pretty much have this VR world to yourself. That might be for the best, but for anime lovers who embrace girls with large eyes bending over while giving you a chance to view them from different angles.

There are basically a couple of core mechanics at play. There is the shooting aspect, which can alternate between shooting at demons found in the similarly themed but far less immersive Gal*Gun Double Peace. Alternately, your gun can be used to um, make girls pretty darned happy. We're talking things like an Ecstasy or Pheromone shot. These make up the action sequences, and virtual reality has really found a comfortable niche with shooters, so the blending here makes sense, even if the premise is a little on the ridiculous side.

The other aspect is a somewhat dating simulation type of game. Again the hardware gets a bit of virtual reality specific use through tracking your line of sight, giving you bonus points / ability for making eye contact with the girl while you try to get her into a state of being lovestruck. While the majority of the game's time is spent at the academy, tyou do have your own place to invite them over to if you so choose. This lends itself to the dating sim aspects of the game.

The last primary mechanic is the ability to use your camera to take pictures of scenes or particularly interesting moments. But let's not kid ourselves here - we know what the idea behind this is, as even the Steam page for the game has this line in it: If you manage to snap a photo of a girl's panties, you'll unlock a special achievement!

Inti Creates is not trying to hide what this title is. It is leveraging cute anime girls with a virtual reality world with shooting and looking around being the primary mechanics. Gal*Gun VR is not as deep or as polished as last year's really solid Gal*Gun: Double Peace action game, but it certainly does put a new spin on the series by immersing you into its anime style world. If this kind of fanservice with cute animations appeals to you, this is probably going to be a fun game for you. However, it is not a preexisting Gal*Gun fan, you might find some of the other details such as awkward menu navigation and a pretty thin story premise do make this release feel just a bit rushed. As a proof of concept, I think there is a lot that can be built upon here, but as a fully fleshed out game, the overall result is a pretty average experience.

Game Information

PC - Oculus Rift
Inti Creates
Inti Creates
Single Player
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