Gaming Reinvented - a new site worth checking out

We have quite the community of gamers and gaming sites, with favorites such as Digitally Downloaded, SuperPhillip Central and now I wanted to call out another site I've only recently come across - Gaming Reinvented.

Gaming Reinvented is a sort of extension or continuation of their prior 3DS Daily site, but the idea is to have even more features and a focus on being completely independent. No industry affiliation, no bias, just good, independent journalism - the sort of thing we strive for ourselves and know that others do as well. It can be hard sometimes to stand out in a crowded gaming journalism industry, especially when many other sites give themselves a leg-up with questionable funding and promotions that make you question just how unbiased they are. So if you take a look at our affiliates tab, you'll see Gaming Reinvented there going forward. I hope you give them some time and look around - there's plenty of really good content to be had and we are big proponents of fostering this community of sites here.

Article by Nick

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