Fall is here...

And with it? The fall site update, going with my darker color schemes with lighter text.

Also, in case you missed it, the Madden 25 review is up and running here. The background? Yup, NFL season is ready to kick off, and I am a bit excite (a bit... just a bit though *twitch*)

As for the banner? Persona 4 Golden, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Madden 25, Might & Magic: Duel of Champions and Batman are the titles I tossed up there. I've finally had a chance to give Arkham Asylum a run, and I'm about halfway through it apparently. Good fun - and hopefully City will be next.

Enjoy the review and I'll be back to (hopefully) three posts a week starting Monday, including my review of the new Star Wars CCG for mobile.


  1. I just checked my fantasy lineup, making sure my players aren't injured yet before tonight's kickoff.

    On Batman, good stuff. I beat AA last year, after borrowing it from a neighbor. He has Arkham City on the Wii U now as well, and has said I can borrow that one. Apparently, Arkham City has some monthly timer thing, where you sign on one day during the month to get some item or do some event...and he just wants to make sure he doesn't miss that during the month. So, before I even think about borrowing it, I've want to get through my backlog..........

  2. I really like your blog's new design.. And happy fall... :D

  3. Thanks! Of my 4 seasonal designs, this is personally my favorite. :) Glad you could stop by! :)

  4. I've heard about that with City, but not seen it firsthand yet myself. I have it, it'll probably be the next game I play. My dad's still up visiting for the weekend, which will keep me off of the console quite a bit, but according to AA I am about 2/3 complete now, so another night or two should just about do the trick. Unfortunately I don't know when that will be - probably next week sometime.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thanks bud. Was a nice fall-like weekend to, right down to beer, football and slow cooked beef stew yesterday. :)

  6. I figured you would have completed AA at work over the last two days...

    But on your banner, I do like how you have the Madden as the main image (even if I don't like that series...ESPN NFL 2K5 ESPN NFL 2K5 ESPN NFL 2K5) with the site name on the sides, and the other 4 in the corners. AND as for the darker scheme...I woke up this morning and still basically asleep stumbled to the computer. I went to CWG to check something, and was about BLINDED by the white.................................................

    I should put up a warning page: "If you are not awake, accessing the main page may cause vision problems...drink coffee first."

    So yeah, no issues on my side and I think the color scheme works well with everything.

  7. ROFL @ the white blinding you.

    I can relate - but I tend to like darker colors and themes. Then again, my office at work (which sadly is NOT located in a video game developer's building, despite your protestations to the contrary hehe) is kept pretty dark too. My Den at home is also very dark. For whatever reason, it's just easier on my eyes.

    Glad you liked the banner. I like changing them around each time, and try to find a set of five games that represent what I'm up to or recently have been up to. I know Madden's going to be a huge time sink of mine going forward. And hey, Calvin Johnson on the banner and along the sides.

    I still didn't finish AA. The last couple of days or so, we've been changing around a ton of stuff in our house, shuffling contents of entire rooms, etc. When it's done, i think I'll dig it, but I know we have at least another week's worth of work, so basically - at work 10 hrs a day, come home and haul stuff for a couple of hours, maybe play video games for an hour and eat and then doze off.


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