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I just figured I would take a few moments today to plug a couple of the other sites I write for - Digitally Downloaded and Otaku Gaming.

Sometimes the content between Chalgyr's Game Room and these other two sites is overlapping - for example I had a review for Star Wars: Force Collection on both Digitally Downloaded and here - though I write different reviews for both, so even if you see them in two places, you are getting some different content and points of emphasis.

Digitally Downloaded has several contributors now, and I usually post about three to eight pieces a week there. A few examples include:

A sneak peek at more Pokemon X & Y for the 3DS, including evolutions, tons of screenshots and more.

The announcement that Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS will have some alternate costumes as a result of a partnership with Nintendo - Link, Mario and Luigi.

A lengthy article I worked on with Chris about gaming addiction and stress.

While Digitally Downloaded covers a wide variety of gaming topics, Otaku Gaming was dormant for several months and is geared more toward niche Japanese titles. There is again some overlap - titles like Monster Hunter and Pokemon are huge and articles on both may show up on either site. That being said, slightly more narrowed topics like:

Neptunia getting a PlayStation Vita Release.

There is a trailer for Natural Doctrine.

There is also an article about Suda51 and GungHo's collaborative effort Lily Bergamo.

At Otaku Gaming I tend to do more articles about release announcements, screenshots and trailers. Sometimes the games will make it out of Japan, other times they will not. So, if you enjoy my articles here, feel free to poke in on those sites as well. I know Otaku Gaming in particular could use a few fresh faces and comments and just like here, I check in there regularly as well.

And Friday? Back to the reviews!



  1. I always try to keep my comments as fresh as possible, even though I am sometimes to tempted to copy/paste on all these overlapping posts! :)

  2. I have seen that - and appreciate it! I know what you mean though - especially if you see a review for a game in 2 or 3 places. I try to write the reviews up different from here to those two sites - which is somewhat easy since I score on a 1-10 scale and not a 1-5, and I also have a breakdown of different components that I try to address individually here, where as the reviews I write there are almost meant to be a bit more conversational in tone.

    What I like about posting on those two sites is I get to do lots of previews and announcements - and those are things I do not do here very often.


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