Outlast looks like it could be a good scare

I am a big fan of horror games and I contend that Fatal Frame is my favorite series of horror games to date. That said, Red Barrel's Outlast looks like it has some potential.

When we have a lot of games like Dead Space (review here) and Resident Evil trading in frights for bigger, noisier weapons, I find it refreshing to see a title that looks like it will throw a lot of scares out there. According to the IGN article I read, you do not fight off these creatures with weapons, but have a camera with night vision to help you see. The creepiest part of the Fatal Frame games was looking through your camera and I think a good deal of that tension could be replicated here. Condemned was a pair of games where everything was handled through a first person perspective, and it really ratcheted up the tension. Looking forward to seeing more of this one. Here's the trailer.



  1. "I am a big fan of horror games..."

    Wii U. ZombiU. Get. It. Yesterday!

    Just from a quick 30 seconds in the trailer, I like the way they set it up using real world events/people.

    LOL, man the limited view with the camera could be interesting. The one thing I do hope (wish it played more effect in some games) is that sounds are always being used. Like at the end, the footsteps sound kind of vanished quickly when the door closed...where they should have kept them going for just a bit more I think.

  2. ZombieU would be the first game I grab for the Wii U i suspect. Sound is huge in games like this. I tend to kill the lights, play on the big screen tv and fire up the surround sound. The limited scope/view of the camera could make perspective a very interesting tool to use.

    Thanks for dropping by - hope you enjoyed the trailer!


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