Always-On DRM? Seems like a bad idea to me

Okay, I am cheating for my weekend post. A few things came up and what I was hoping to make go live tomorrow? Probably will not happen until Monday now. However, I wrote something up for Digitally Downloaded here that I hope you want to take a peek at and weigh in on.

I have not yet had a chance to play SimCity, but two of my coworkers have, and the experience has apparently been awful. One of them I feel particularly bad for as he took time off of work and even pre-ordered an enhanced edition, only to hardly have a chance to play it. It's like EA is punishing their most loyal customers in my opinion. But I'd love to hear your thoughts - here or on Digitally Downloaded.

And on that note? I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. As you saw, I commented over on DD as well, but...

    "I have not yet had a chance to play SimCity, but two of my coworkers have, and the experience has apparently been awful."

    That could also read, "...but two of my coworkers have (or, haven't)", depending on what they would call playing it.

    Do you know if the situation has gotten any better?

  2. Funny you should ask. I was talking to both of them earlier today, and they both have gotten on some. In particular the one who had pre-ordered the deluxe edition says it's getting better, and when he can play it it's a lot of fun He did mention a few interesting things that made me grin:

    - he said he's seen on a Reddit board where people are promoting similar games to play instead, and said it felt a bit like hitting on a widow at her husband's funeral. That one made me laugh

    - He said that it's still struggling with playing with others online. He said the game was 'judging him' by commenting that he 'had no friends'

    - EA is having a promotion to give a free game to owners of this title as compensation. I had read that article on IGN but not seen anything about what the list of games they can choose from will be, and while both of these coworkers have seen that same PR, neither has seen a list of those titles so they have no idea what to expect (but their expectations are low to modest at this point)

    Both enjoy the game when they can play it, but both are still impacted over the weekend.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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