Elminage - Win a free copy of this PSP RPG

I recently wrote up a review for Elminage here on the site, which is an old school dungeon crawler RPG for the PSP. If that sort of thing is of interest to you (and really, shouldn't it be? :) ) then pay a visit here to see that review.

Even better, The Gay Gamer is offering free codes for this game - just visit here. Then? Do yourself a favor and follow Bryan's blog to boot - he's got some good stuff over there. :)


  1. Hey, thanks, Chalgyr! Hopefully your post will prompt at least a couple of people to toss their hat into the ring, as so far only one person has done so (and I have three codes to hand out).

    Also, just so people reading this know: You don't have to follow my blog as part of the giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment. (A simple 'yo!' is fine.)

    Anyway, thanks again, and best of luck to anyone who enters :)

  2. No problem at all - I'm all for sharing the RPG fun!


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