Gaming Thoughts... 9/6/11

I've been slowly chugging through a pretty large backlog of games, not only in terms of playing the games, but blogging about them. I've been trying to keep up a pace of posting about every 3 days. Aside from all of the reviews and newer stuff I've posted about, I have plenty of other games I've been revisiting as well.

I recently got my wife a Sony Bloggie and got a PSN $20 card with it, so I got my grubby mitts on Heroes of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes - which has been a fun little puzzle/rpg hybrid. I've also recently downloaded and started to replay Record of Agarest War on the PSN (this was one of my earliest reviews on here, for the 360, and I had said I enjoyed the game despite its many technical shortcomings) - and I have to say I think I'm enjoying my current go-round more than my original one. At $30 you get a lot of gameplay out of it if you enjoy the formula, and now that I have a newer PS3 with more HD space, I can actually download more games to my drive.

Speaking of purchases for my wife that has benefits for me, I got her a new HP computer about a week and a half ago, and it came with a free Xbox 360 slim. I also had access to a cheap 250 GB hard drive for the slim, which is going to give me to opportunity to play and purchase more stuff for my 360 soon - my old 20 gig HD on my 360 was completely full (like 40 mbs left full) - I have some designs to get some more play time w/ DLC for Dragon Age and Mass Effect games, so I'm hoping to post on those.

Another side-project I had started was breaking down a lot of the PS Home content after the PSN came back up early this summer - but I read an article recently that said Sony's going to completely redo Home, so I never bothered finishing that project. I'll post my thoughts on it very soon, but I never got to complete it.

With my dad up and visiting, I've been playing some games I haven't touched quite as much of late like Peggle and FX/Marvel Pinball. That's going to lead me to another review here soon as well - my next post actually.

Neat trick on Peggle. I've gone to #1 in the world on one board and #2 in a couple of others, top 20 on a few - using the Rabbit. What's my trick? Well, it involves a ton of luck, but I'll share it. I realized that the last orange peg when you finish a map is worth a ton of points, so I try to leave 1 or both green pegs for right at the end, and then hope I hit the triple score. Then, whatever you get for the orange pegs plus the final 'point bucket' gets tripled. On my final shot on the map I took #1 on, I got over 350,000 points on that last shot as a result. There's a lot of factors that go into it, but I am up on 2nd place by more than 100,000 points. Cool trick I learned, figured I'd share.


  1. "Speaking of purchases for my wife that has benefits for me, I got her a new HP computer about a week and a half ago, and it came with a free Xbox 360 slim."

    I'm sure that BOLD part of the sentence had NOTHING to do with the purchase huh... :)

    As for the Peggle trick, that's pretty cool with the leaderboard stuff.
    In the original Rayman Raving Rabbids there were "score codes" you could write down and enter on a website they had setup.
    I was in the top on a few of the mini-games, and there was a "Rabbids" bowling mini-game that was hilarious, and there was a certain "trick" to get high was really odd, and really tiring, but it worked.

  2. It's funny, but actually - the xbox had nothing to do with the actual purchase, except maybe that I made it a week or two earlier. After my wife got me my new cpu for christmas last year, I planned on getting her a nice fast new machine as well. I sold some game stuff recently and had extra money, so I was planning to buy it for her - just wasn't sure when. Then I noticed the free 360 deal and was like: um... let's do that now, it expires in a week. LOL

    The Raving Rabbids are hilarious. My youngest has loved them since first seeing them.

    My dad is completely hooked on Peggle now, and he likes to play through all of the stages to see how well he can do, he's top like 1000 in almost all of them, and top 100 in quite a few. He scored #17 in the one stage, so I figured I'd try to beat his score, and on a whim tried the trick as I explained it in the post - and was quite surprised to realize I was #1 all-time by quiet a bit. :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. PC and 360, that's a no brainer if buying a PC was already the plan. Not in the cards right now for me, but we'll see how things go after the move.

    Cool trick on peggle there, I'll have to try sometime. Got it free on Amazon's android store and thought it was pretty fun to pass the time. Seemed like a little less planning that PvZ which I like.


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