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I got a free copy of Cogs recently on Steam. Seeing as I already have it, I thought I would give it away on here. The rules? Very simple:

- first, you do need a Steam account so I have someone to give it to

- second, leave a comment below just stating you're interested in the game

- third, for an extra entry - follow me on Facebook here.

- lastly, for an addition entry - follow me on Twitter as well.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or already are) - feel free to email me your names so I can verify. You can email me at

Lastly - if you're curious about Cogs, it's a 3d puzzle game that you can find out more about here.

Really hoping to get some new follows, and just looking to share a free game. Also, some people who don't have Steam accounts might actually get one now. ;)


  1. "first, you do need a Steam account so I have someone to give it to"

    *rages against this!

    Will create on tonight...

  2. LOL coffee, I would have gifted you a game by now if that's all it takes! :)

  3. I missed your "some people" link earlier, that's great.

    I'll have to give cogs another look, but I remember being iffy about it before being one of those block slider puzzle types of things. Not a problem with the game, just not my thing. Besides I already have it on steam via the humble bundle 3.

  4. Well, Steam doesn't want to install right now...due to some repeat error.

    I think it's a conspiracy so I can't win this competition!

  5. @Coffee - ROFL! I was hoping you'd see that link and reference, bud. :) odd about the error though, I've never had any trouble getting Steam itself installed on my machines - and that ranges from my kids' xp to my work vista to my wife's and my Win 7 systems. Odd to say the least - hopefully it's an evening-only glitch.

    @Robert - lol - right? Just give him a game on principle when it's on sale cheap. :D But nothing like calling Coffee out on it in the post I figured.

    Also, you do recall correctly, Robert. Not a bad game, one I reviewed awhile back. I liked it more to start than over time, but it's normally a $10 game, and one I realized I had an 'extra' of, so I figured I'd try a contest, see if I couldn't get some more twitter and FB in the process.

    Hopefully you can get that steam issue resolved later, Coffee.

  6. oh, Cogs, nice.

    sign me up, good Sir! (following you on twitter as well @ArtlessArty)

  7. @iLag - very cool - thanks! :)

  8. I realize I didn't say 'how long' this contest was going to go - I was planning on a week, so I'll do the randomizer drawing on Tuesday. :)

    @coffee - you get Steam to play nice yet?

  9. Haha! Thanks for checking in, as of yesterday afternoon I got Steam up and running, and even demoed a game VERY quickly, and thought my PC was going to implode!

    So, I have a Steam account.
    I am interested in the game, Cogs.
    I am more interested in the game Cogs, than iLag is. :)

    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter: Scott Mullins via FB and coffeewithgames on Twitter.

  10. "I am more interested in the game Cogs, than iLag is. :)"

    LOL Coffee. :)

  11. @coffee - ROFL - very nice. 3 entries for you then. I'll no doubt make up a quick video of how I pick the winner - I already have an idea in mind using a dice-rolling game on my MUD. :P

    What game nearly sent your poor CPU to that spare parts graveyard in the sky, if you don't mind me asking? :)

  12. @coffee: no, you're not. (I'm also on facebook now. take that!)

    I have to admit that you have the better name, good Sir, and are therefore probably more deserving of the game... almost.

  13. ROFL - I dunno - I like the iLag handle too. Luckily (or unfortunately) - it's a random contest, so names aren't a factor. *(this means even Robert has a chance)*


  14. Nah, leave me out of the contest so others have a better shot. :) Not even sure Steam would let you gift it since I already have it registered on there.

    On a related note: m.u.s.t resist latest humble bundle... I noticed you on there racking up some time with Frozen Synapse.

  15. @Robert - so currently coffee & iLag it is with 3 entries each. As for Frozen Synapse? Yeah, I'm digging it. When it came out as the new bundle, had to break down and grab it - had been considering it for some time. Good game so far, imo. learning curve was a bit steep, but there's a lot of strategy to it once you get going.

  16. Sanctum was the game I demoed, couldn't tell if it was my PC having GPU issues, or just that my PC was spazing because it didn't even know it could process games...since it has never been used for that!

  17. Okay, I rolled the Di tonight on my online MUD (for anyone who's curious what it looks like - basically lot of colored text). Just use that link below to see the not-so-thrilling recorded results. :P

    Since you were both on the blog, twitter and FB, I figured you both had 3 entries, so I went with a single 6-sided di roll.

    I set Coffee as numbers 1-3, iLag for 4-6. And the roll was...


    ... yeah, it's probably not exciting enough to warrant all these ellipses, but here's 1 more set:



    I've got your email, so I'll shoot you a quick one to confirm the details as I try to gift this game away (I've never done this before so I can't promise my computer won't like, explode or something).

    I will also post this comment as an actual post now. :) Thanks again!


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