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So I did a few posts awhile back about a game I was prodding at with RPG Maker XP. I haven't stopped working on it - well, not completely. I did take about a month off as I waited for the funds to buy the program (there was this matter of a ps3 that goofed me up in there). Anyway, I have been doing some more work/fiddling/messing around and got the intro complete. It's not going to be a long game. If I can make a 5-10 hour game, I'd be pretty happy. Right now it's like 15-30 minutes to get through the character creation and intro - the character creation of which I have a brief video of below:

It's not much to show, but there's still a lot of little things I'm poking at. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. Which is why my MUD was in 'beta' for years.


  1. I remember the previous post, and it's kind of ironic because I was wondering just yesterday if you had made anymore progress, as I keep delaying going further with my GameMaker game project.

    If you reach your goal of the 5 hours game length(or more), that would be a really good start.

  2. Good morning - thanks for poking in. :)

    Yeah, I was using the trial originally, which only ran for like 30 days. That running out, coupled with summer family activities was a pretty major deterrent - but I did finally buy the software and have been steadily tweaking things. I would be incredibly happy if it hit 5 hrs of gameplay, especially since I'm trying to add some replay value to the storyline via choices along the way. Not saying any of it will be any good, but it's a nice, entertaining time-outlet for me. :)

  3. RPG Maker is awesome :) Good to see other people are working on projects.

    Mind you, I'm horrible at actually finishing games I start, so if you finish at all then you've done awesome :)

  4. @Games - I have long enjoyed the rpg maker games - but as you indicated, getting started is a lot easier than finishing. I had a TON of time sunk into another project like 3 years ago and... never finished. I looked at the project recently and was just like: erm... I have no clue where I left off.

    Mostly I use the RTP graphics. I can edit up and use other community code easily enough and use the builder mechanics, but my image-making leaves a good deal to be desired. I'll keep putting updates out there as I get a bit further with it. :)


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