Gaming Thoughts... 8/13/11 - Console Wars - PSP

Having just looked at the DS, comparing it to the PSP in my next post was pretty much inevitable. Now, we only have one PSP and that's the one my wife got me for Christmas about four years ago. Everything on it is in great working order - the screen still shows up, no connections are broken, the audio is still crisp - and louder than the DS and the battery life still holds up for about four hours at a time. All things considered, it has proven durable for me.

My collection of games for the PSP has gone up and down over the years, and the catalog is very much to my liking, with a fair collection of RPG games in particular. There are other titles for it though my family likes. My wife has spent plenty of time with Puzzle Quest and 7 Wonders, my oldest has played Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, my son likes shooters such as Killzone and my youngest adores Little Big Planet. So it's a pretty versatile library. Thing is, I'm not sure it's as large or expansive as the DS one - in fact, I'm pretty sure it's not. Those games I listed are the only games anyone but my son or I actually play.

One really nice thing is that you can save your data to a memory stick. That makes it so my two oldest can take turns playing Kingdom Hearts, or my son and I can take turns playing Crisis Core, without wiping each other's data.

Depending on how you feel about the touchscreen controls, the PSP can be hit or miss. I prefer just using a gamepad most of the time, so the controls actually suit me more, but there is something to be said about the less traditional DS controls for fans of those systems.

While the operating system looks similar to the PS3 one, it's lacking in several areas. Like the DS the online presence of the PSP is very weak outside of the store. Also, you only have one 'account'. That's proven unfortunate a couple of times when my son and I accidentally overwrote one another's data.

Favorite Games for the system so far:

- Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
- Disidia: Final Fantasy
- God of War: Chains of Olympus


- Video and audio are great for a handheld
- Portable, durable gaming
- Saves data to the memory stick


- Library is not as good as the DS one
- Controls are very traditional - a bummer for some who prefer the DS style
- Weak online presence


  1. Kind of interesting, you mentioned "Weak online presence" for both the DS and PSP.
    I think Sony appears to be trying to change the online with the Vita though, and Nintendo still seems to be stuck in a rut with their online on the 3DS.

    Also, I've noticed a pattern with your favorite portable games so far...Final Fantasy has made each list!

  2. I agree completely - the Vita seems very forward-thinking in the online field based on the friends lists and trophies that they want to support.

    The 3DS has some nice tech, and I'm still contemplating grabbing one due to the lower price point, but the Vita's online support is a big part of its appeal for me.

    And yeah, I'm a bit of a pushover for most Final Fantasy games. I haven't played them -all- but I have played most over the years. :)


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