Gaming thoughts... 6/27/11

I just saw this headline:

Court: California can't ban violent video game sales

I'll be honest, I haven't been following this case too closely. A) It's nowhere near me B) My kids don't buy video games without me currently and C) I had my 13 year anniversary yesterday and couldn't have cared less about video games by and large. :) Had to slip that last one in there.

But seriously - I sort of viewed this whole bill as similar to the 'no more happy meal' or 'no more Ronald McDonald', and the slew of other odd bills people are trying to pass. Don't get me wrong - there are plenty of games my kids aren't allowed to play. And being an avid gamer, I probably have a much better idea of a game's content than most other parents - that's what the ESRB labels are for.

But it's a parent's job to regular the movies, games, french friends and whatever else our kids are doing - at least that's my take. Obviously, it's not everyone's. Some of my readers are parents, others aren't - what do you think of the gaming bills like this one in California that got voted down? In case you're unfamiliar with it, the story can be found here.

Also if you're curious, here is Executive vice president and chief public policy officer of Activision Blizzard Incorporated George Rose's opinion on the bill earlier this year.


  1. While I believe a lot of parents are pretty ignorant and/or don't care what video games their kids play(same with movies), I don't think this bill is/was the right way to go about it.

    The ESRB exists for a reason, and I think if parents/politicians behind trying to get bills like this passed would simply spend efforts/money on Public Service Announcements about the ESRB and game ratings, it would accomplish more.

  2. Have to say, I agree completely with what you just said, personally. That's been my stance from the start.


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