Gaming thoughts... 6/12/11

Short but sweet, rediscovering online combat. :)

So, my son and I were both pretty stoked over the footage we saw of Modern Warfare 3 at E3. I really liked Black Ops, but overall I enjoyed the online to Modern Warfare 2 more. My buddy at work who got me started on the Call of Duty games suggested I reacquire Modern Warfare 2 and pick up Modern Warfare 1 (I had not played that more than a handful of times over at his house and I had traded away Modern Warfare 2 quite some time ago).

For people who have been with my blog for awhile, Modern Warfare 2 was actually my 2nd game review on here. I had thoroughly enjoyed it. So, on a whim, my son and I swung over to Gamestop and picked up MW 1 & 2 fairly cheaply and have been playing the crud out of them both this weekend, and it's been a lot of fun. He's been needling me about picking up some of the older Halo games for the 360 and I may just have to break down and do that soon as I thoroughly enjoyed Halo: Reach, but it was admittedly my introduction to the series.

The story modes to Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops were pretty short - but the online really helps these games retain their value. I've read a lot of complaints that the campaign modes end way too quickly to be worth the dollars the game costs to both produce and buy - but after playing MW 1 online and still seeing a pretty robust community of players having at it, I would say there's some definite value in these titles. What do you think? Any heavy CoD or Halo players? What about the Battlefield series - I haven't played them yet, same with Resistance - any favorites out there?

Also, I have a ton of posts - mostly reviews - coming soon from a variety of platforms that will hopefully be of interest. :)

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  1. Ughhh, I had a comment typed out earlier, but forgot to hit submit!

    Anywho, I have only played Battlefield 1943 on the PS3, as for the Battlefield games, so I don't know much about the more "modern" games in the series.
    Out of all the games you listed, I completed Resistance: Fall of Man a few months back, and enjoyed it. I haven't played the sequel, though I may eventually give it a run(my backlog is still jammed though!).

    I did hop online in Resistance: Fall of Man's multiplayer to give it a try, and while the match wasn't completely full, it did find one without any problem the day I tried.
    Battlefield 1943 worked well for me back in April before the PSN crash, so the communities seem to stick around for a while, even if they do dwindle in numbers because of other "newer" games that get released.


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