PSN starting to come up?

I stumbled onto an article at IGN that says the PSN should be getting restored today. So, I interrupt my regularly scheduled Potato Sack posts to comment on it in case anyone who reads this was interested. :P

So, there's a new firmware update, and it actually didn't take too long to download and installed - I've certainly seen larger. However, I was not yet able to verify my account. I've read that you will be asked to do so on the PS3 you created the account on, or if that fails/is not an option, they will send you an email w/ steps on resetting your password. Curious to see how this process works, and if people will complain about the process. I can just see if someone doesn't have their original ps3 and has maybe changed email addys. It happens - and sure, it's that user's fault for not keeping their info up to date on the PSN (assuming they weren't for some reason forced to change over the last month it's been down).

Curious to see how the process works out. My youngest is actually set up on one of my alternate email accounts. Waiting to see which one - I don't recall myself 100%. Anyway, when I tried to sign in, I got the notice that the PSN was undergoing maintenence - so they're not there yet, but maybe soon. It sounds like the initial functionality will be trophy sync, friends lists and online play, with some features like the PS Store slated for the end of the month.


  1. Saw some stuff on dtoid about that and wondered how it was coming. From sony's region heat map it still seems pretty limited in the US.

  2. Yea, I downloaded the update this afternoon, but no log-in yet.

    Let's hope this STAYS up when it finally comes back online...
    First Sony, then Amazon...then Blogger...

    Crazy issues with sites/networks happening in the last month!

  3. Right? Almost makes you wonder if Nintendo's the smart one by having a limited online presence for the Wii. :p Hadn't seen the heatmap Robert - that's cool. I'll have to keep an eye on that tomorrow. At least he firmware update's in place - now I'm just curious to see how this rollout of the new passwords goes.

  4. Whoh, got most of the east coast now. Hot dog, oh wait, no ps3. :)

    I think about the other two consoles from time to time and I honestly don't know which I would get if I felt the need. LBP seems pretty interesting though.

  5. Wow... This whole PSN situation has really been something to watch. That goes double for me, mainly because I don't own a PS3, so it has given me a very... how shall I put this... dispassionate view of the entire debacle.

    I really hope, for your sake as well as Coffee's and Robert's, that the PSN does come back up soon. I can't believe that they were compromised this badly, especially with how much bear-poking they have been doing in saying that they can't be hacked.

    Good stuff, Chalgyr, and I'm looking forward to continuation of the Potato Sack articles, too! Also, I'm not happy about losing your comment on my latest story. That Blogger crash was pretty uncool, as well.


  6. For me, it's been interesting to watch - luckily I a) don't play a ton of games online (though I did have an itch to play back ops about a week ago I couldn't scratch) and b) I had other consoles to play on.

    My youngest has been particularly bummed though - she plays LBP pretty much every day, often w/ her cousin in Florida, so I know those two have been missing that.

    @8Bit - yeah, that whole blogger thing was mildly annoying eh? They kept saying that posts and comments would be restored, but it never happened. I had to report 1 of my stories and I know one of my Potato Sack articles had like 2 or 3 comments on it that are now MIA.

    Ah well - kind of interesting to see how dependent many of us are when it comes to online functionality - whether it's just a favorite hobby, or in the case of some Blogger people, much more than that. I know on the Blogger forums, there were several very angry people who do business through their blogs and said that the downtime was costing them their day's profits.

    I kept meaning to go back and view those blogs and see what they were doing, just hadn't yet.


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