Gaming thoughts... 5/21/11

Don't have a ton of them today - but I have a potentially busy couple of weeks coming up so I figured I'd toss a few out while I'm thinking about them.

PSN Store should be up soon and I am curious to see how that goes. Sony's saying that they will be rolling out updates twice as often as usual to try and catch up on their backlog of games that publishers want put out there.

Speaking of backlog, I've been working through a ton of games - some bigger than others. A few titles I'm planning to review very soon:

Bloodbowl - Legendary Edition
Fairy Solitaire
Bob Came in Pieces
FX Pinball
Marvel Pinball
Arcanum of Steamworks and Magic
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Tiger Woods 11 (sure, it's last year's version)
Prolly a couple of others I can't recall

My currently played list is rather large as well as I work on:

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agon
God of War collection
Elven Legacy
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Puzzle Quest 2
Snoopy's Flying Aces
Portal 2
Star Craft 2

Any new or upcoming games that have you excited?

Hunted: The Demon's Forge
LA Noire
Dungeon Siege 3

Are probably the upcoming/recent titles I'm most interested in, but as you can see from above, I've got a full plate (plus summertime activities kicking in shortly).

What have you been playing, what have you beaten and what's coming out soon that is of interest to you?


  1. I'm still trudging through Monster Hunter Tri.
    I played some GoldenEye online multi-player tonight.

    Other than that, not much recently...once I beat MHT, I expect to go quickly through some other games in my backlog.

  2. I'm mainly trying to work on Metroid, Dungeon Explorer and GoldenEye before thinking about much of anything else. (besides a few minutes of megaman9 here and there that's still kicking my butt)

    Must have played about two hours of GE online last night (some with coffee) which was cool. I think recent control tweaks and new video setup has really helped.

  3. @coffee - one of the reasons MH tri's been getting bumped down my list a tad - it's one of those games that will no doubt grind my progress to a halt in several others, LOL

    @Robert Glad the video setups is helping! :) I haven't yet picked up the newer Megaman downloadables. I keep waiting for them to go on sale, lol

  4. Yeah, I've been quite pleased with the video setup. Although I should have ordered another VGA cable as I thought I had an extra, but can't find it now.

    What's that? WiiWare and a sale? Now that is funny. Hopefully N will learn from Steam on cafe.

  5. @Robert - yeah, I've bought almost nothing for the wii download-wise. A few things when we got some nintendo points cards, but I generally only buy stuff when it's on sale unless I was really-really looking forward to it. So I tend to overlook Nintendo's downloads section

  6. I'm pretty chea^H^H^H^H frugal as well so the non-sale downloads really get my goat. (especially after seeing mega steam sales)

    I try to put more research effort into those purchases which has helped to minimize regret. I could do without Solomon's Key and Kid Icarus, but the rest have been good.

    FWIW I hear that MM9 is better than MM10 (that's WiiWare "10", not VC MM-X).


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