Gaming News and Notes from 3-30-11

Been a bit since I did one of these, so here goes:

Mortal Kombat may be requiring Online Pass? My disliked of this practice is pretty well-documented by this point, and sure - I have it on reserve and will be buying it free. There's some speculation that it won't be for just 1 system, but 1 user per system. I'll let you know...

Resistance 3 will be supporting both the Move and 3D when it comes to the PS3.

I signed up for the PlayStation Rewards program, but it sounds like it may be getting nixed.

The same studio that brought us SOCOM is getting ready to work on Resident Evil: Operating Raccoon City.

It looks like the 360 may be getting a disc format increase of 1GB.

There's been a lot of speculation for some time about what the Wii successor will and won't have, but Nintendo put to rest the likelihood that 3D will be part of the equation.

Super Street Fighter IV coming to the 360? Looks like it. It'll be interesting to see if yet another release of this game will generate sales or not, but given the recent resurgence of fighting game popularity, it could pay big dividends.

Last but not least, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has been a project that caught my eye awhile back. IGN has had some articles about it, including this one, which also has a trailer. It looks like an action RPg, but the list of people involved is pretty impressive: Ken Ralston (Elder Scrolls III & IV), Todd McFarlane (Spawn) and probably most exciting for me is writer R.A. Salvatore, who has a ton of great books to his credit, but is probably best known for his work in Forgotten Realms for the D&D franchise. This game is a precursor to what will be an MMO follow-up from 38 Studios and I am very excited to see how this comes along.


  1. "Resistance 3 will be supporting both the Move and 3D when it comes to the PS3."
    I'm glad to see it getting Move support, as it's another game that I'll hopefully play in the future at some point, as I really enjoyed the first one.

  2. Yeah, I'm curious to see how the Move works with the shooter games. I suspect Killzone 3 will make its way onto my list of games to acquire, and one of my buddies is super excited about SOCOM and says he's going to bring it over to try with my Move as well.

    Admittedly, Resistance is a series I haven't gotten to yet - it's one of those ones I want to play, and own the first game, I just haven't tried yet. But as I'm plugging through my backlog, I plan to get it and #2 in the (somewhat) near future.


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