News and notes from 11-13-09

Final Fantasy XIII is coming out March 9, 2010 in North America in Europe. In Japan the game has been slated to release December 17th of this year for awhile, but this March 9th date is a big one for fans of this long-running RPG series (including myself).

Braid was a very popular Xbox 360 download last year that got plenty of good reviews, and now it is going to be available on the Playstation Network. I never got to give this one a try, but a buddy of mine at work did and said that it was both challenging (sometimes, a bit too challenging), but a very good, unique game.

The remake of Silent Hill for the Nintendo Wii is slated for December 8th. Considering most horror games seem to die a quick death before reaching North America for the Wii (Fatal Frame, anyone?), this is exciting news for fans of the genre.

I just got the email today from the Xbox 360 Live Network about the changes coming on Nov 17th. A mandatory update will take place that date that enables Facebook, and Twitter functionality. Rumors and screenshots are out that Playstation 3 will be incorporating Facebook as well in the very near future.


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