Let's get this first post out of the way, shall we?

So, this is my first shot at Blogspot, and I suspect it will be very much a work in progress as I learn my way around it. I have quite a few hobbies: reading, writing, the NBA (Go Pistons!) and the NFL (Go Lions! … yes, I just wrote that. They have fans. At least, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one left. Someone help me with this? I’m suddenly feeling a bit lonely…)

I’ve long thought about putting up a gaming site of some sort – and I have a wide variety of ideas, but I would certainly appreciate feedback. My first gaming system was a TI-994a. *pauses to listen for crickets* Think of it as an Atari with a keyboard and the Basic programming language for simple programming. I received this particular system back when I was 4 ½ years old for Christmas (notice with kids you take note of the months, or half year marks? When you’re older, you just respond with ‘thirty something’ and hope no one asks which side of the teeter totter you are on).

Over the years I have owned/had access to the original NES, Sega Master System, an Atari, Apple II, SNES, Genesis… the list goes on. It includes Playstation 1 and 2 – but I keep current on my little hobby as well, with the current gen systems as well. So what do I plan to blog about here? A little bit of everything, at least to start. I plan to post images and videos of old NES games, and maybe even from current systems. I would like to write reviews about various games and systems. Certainly there are thousands of places like IGN, Gamespot and more that have reviews as well, but it never hurts to have a place to get a second or third opinion, right? Maybe my opinion can be that one, and hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable one.

I plan to post some polls now and then as well – see what people are playing, what they’re interested in, and that sort of thing. I have a limited budget and often buy games just to trade them in for future games after I’ve beaten them. So if there is a system or game you are interested in, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do, but I certainly have my limitations as well.

One last thing I plan to toss in now and then are video game related bits of news. I browse a large number of sites and honestly 3/5 of what I see in the upcoming news and gossip area doesn’t interest me too much, but if something does catch my eye, I will toss it out here for others to see and hopefully it will be of interest to you as well.


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