Inflexion Games Announces Early Access Date for Nightingale!

Edmonton, Canada - February 6th, 2024 -  Inflexion Games announced the launch date of their PVE  survival-crafting game Nightingale moved up two days, with the title now set to release into Early Access on February 20th on PC via Steam and Epic Game Store. The studio has also shared a new sizzle trailer to coincide with the announcement.


“Having the game release at the start of the week not only allows our community to get into the game earlier but also gives us time to address any launch issues ahead of what’s sure to be a busy weekend,” says Inflexion Games CEO, Aaryn Flynn. “All in all, we’re excited to get the portal network up ahead of schedule.”

Inflexion Games just completed a successful open stress test for Nightingale, with over 48,000 players participating in the Feb 2 event. During this first open playtest, soon-to-be Realmwalkers got a sneak peek of the survival-crafting game while Inflexion tested the servers to ensure a smooth Early Access launch. 

Nightingale is a PVE survival-crafting game that challenges players to discover, explore, and survive the mysterious Faewilds. Set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy world, the game can be played solo or teamed up with up to 5 friends. Players traverse across the Realms, and open portals to new destinations by crafting Realm Cards, while building and customizing estates, and fighting to survive.

Nightingale is set to release on February 20th, 2024 via Steam and Epic Games Store. Players who wish to know more can visit, join the official Discord, and wishlist Nightingale now on both platforms.

About Inflexion Games

Inflexion Games is an Edmonton, Canada-based studio formed in 2018 by a group of industry veterans. It has since grown to over 100 passionate developers with a range of backgrounds including AAA, as well as those new to the industry - all united in pursuit of enriching games with depth, history and opportunity. Previous credits include venerated franchises Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Wipeout, and Far Cry. Supported by Tencent, the studio's first self-published game will be a shared world survival crafting title, Nightingale.
Article by: Susan N.


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