Totally Reliable Delivery Service Brings a Huge Update Package to Your Door!

Attention drivers, Totally Reliable Delivery Service is officially live for macOS on Steam and Epic Games Store! In the meantime, another HUGE update has been dropped off for both Macs and Windows users with an exhaustive list of changes including but not limited to in-game settings, a new event, and more!

To show you around the new stuff, our devs will hop on a quick ride and start a live stream session on our Steam page July 29th, 2021 at 12 pm PDT!

Watch it live and get the game with a discount available until August 2:

Get Totally Reliable Delivery Service With 30% Off On Steam

Without further ado, let’s dive into the hottest updates:

1. Totally Reliable TUTORIAL

Your first day as a delivery driver can get smoother now with the new Tutorial Session. Before you get on a larger truck and find your journey a little too bumpy, run through the training tasks located in the Warehouse first and hone your skills. Never underestimate the power of a good onboarding experience.

2. Rocket Car Rally Event

Fly the Rocket Car from GASA in the fastest way possible and be the first in your group to reach the Hustle Beach! Following the cart racing event, a new Rocket Car Rally Event is now live in the game. Boost to the beach safe and fast, captain.

3. Summertime Fireworks

Get a BANG out of your Totally Reliable ride and celebrate the summer with some splendid fireworks. Interactable objects that can turn into fireworks have been implemented around the map exclusively for this summertime!

Besides the mentioned updates above, there are a number of other major changes that can improve your delivery experience

        Updated Main Menu Flow

        Joystick HUD Visualizer

        Character Strength Improvement

        Ping Deliveries

        And more bug fixes! The full list can be found here.

Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Steam

Totally Reliable Delivery Service on Epic Games Store

Official Website

Join the community:





        Steam forums

P.S. Drivers, keep your eyes out for a little something called the Freeplay/Sandbox mode as that might be the entrée we serve for the next major update!

Yours truly,

We're Five Games & tinyBuild

Article by: Susan N.



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