Phantasmal, a Survival Horror Game That is Never the Same Twice, Now Available on Steam Early Access

I like horror games, so I am always always willing to give a new one a chance. I have my doubts on the effectiveness of procedurally generated horror games however, finding scripted events to be more effective from a narrative standpoint, but I'm always willing to be proven wrong.

Here is the press release:

Eyemobi, an emerging development studio with a keen eye for terrifying gaming experiences, officially announced its PC title Phantasmal, a first-person survival horror game with an emphasis on unpredictability.

Inspired by old-school survival horror classics, Phantasmal features an intricate, randomly generated world, guaranteeing that no two experiences will ever be the same allowing for infinite replayability. Players are challenged to be stealthy, resourceful, and quick witted in lieu of direct combat, or else the creatures of Phantasmal will begin to diminish the player character's sanity.

The game has strong Lovecraftian influences and is set in the infamous Kowloon Walled City in the 90s, before its destruction.

"A great horror game is one where you never know what's coming next. By procedurally generating the levels, creatures and pickups and then updating it on the fly to suit players' differing abilities we've created a constant 'edge of your seat' experience that is never the same twice," said Eyemobi Team Lead, Joe Chang.

Phantasmal recently featured by the world's most popular YouTube personality, PewDiePie, and took first prize in the New Zealand Game Developer Association's KiwiGameStarter competition. Dave Brevik, creator of the classic Diablo action role-playing series, was one of the judges of the award.

Phantasmal Key Features:
•Infinite Replayability: Every room and corridor in Phantasmal is uniquely generated with infinite possibilities. No level will EVER be constructed the same!
•Don't Go Insane: Battling the creatures of Phantasmal will slowly erode the player character's sanity, diminishing mental and physical states and forcing the player to deal with a fate worse than death.
•Tread Softly: Fighting is meant to be reserved as a last resort in Phantasmal. Sneak past enemies as much as possible, as each action taken will have consequences!
•Carry a Big Stick: When all else fails, players must defend themselves with anything they can find or rip from the walls. There are some firearms to be found, but making too much noise will be a fatal mistake.
•Light, Both an Ally and Enemy: Every asset to survivability has a price. Use light sources wisely, as even a torch can be a liability.

Phantasmal is available now for PC on Steam Early Access for $14.99 USD.

And here is the trailer:

Article by Nick

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