Alphadia Genesis to arrive shortly - with screens and assets below

It is great seeing so many RPG titles and this one looks like a classically styled one exclusive to Steam - and arriving very shortly!

Here is the press release:

Marvelous Europe has today announced extra details surrounding the Steam-bound retro JRPG Alphadia Genesis, Launching January 2015. The European publisher has divulged some information regarding the exclusive features to the Steam version of the game.

Steam Exclusive Features:
●        Achievements - Alphadia Genesis will launch with 20 unlockable achievements which will keep completionists busy for hours on end. Whether it be completing the ‘Treasure Hunter’ achievement by opening treasure chests hidden throughout the game or beating the ‘Lagoon Warrior God’ achievement by slaying opponents, there’s always an extra challenge for those wanting to get the coveted 100% completion.
●        Trading cards - The Steam trading card system is fully supported in Alphadia Genesis, with a total of six to unlock. You can unlock up to half of these by playing through the game, but the others must be bought or traded in the steam marketplace.
●        Badges, backgrounds & Emoticons - Each time you complete a full set of trading cards, you’ll unlock a beautiful Alphadia Genesis background to activate on your Steam profile page. There are a total of 6 to unlock, and each of them features some wonderful 2D character art. They are a must for any retro-JRPG enthusiast, and better still they will be visible on your public profile. In addition to this, you’ll also unlock custom Alphadia Genesis emoticons to use within the Steam chat feature.

Boasting the rich narrative, vibrant colors and  graphic feel of JRPGs of the 90’s, this extra content makes Steam the best place to play Alphadia Genesis, especially with the introductory launch price of $11.99.

And some images and assets to go with the announcement:

Article by Nick

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