A new look for spring

It is finally starting to look and feel just a bit like spring around these parts. To celebrate that, plus the impending weekend, we thought it was time to show off the new look of Chalgyr's Game Room. It is the same site as always, just with what we hope is a cleaner look and a much more organized set of options along the top.

We have a lot of reviews and articles queued up for the next week, with quite a few new contributions coming from Robert, and possibly a few other guest writers sooner than later as well. It should help keep the content coming more frequently than the two to three times a week we had been seeing over the last few months as our numbers continue to trend upward (thank you for visiting!).

We kicked off a new feature, Memorable Music in Gaming, and if you have any other features or ideas you would like to suggest (or contribute) drop me an email or sound off below. If you are interested? Odds are others are too and we would love to do it.

I am settling in to try and beat Bravely Default this weekend, and then spending those few other remaining minutes playing some Final Fantasy X HD. I know Robert's got Constant C and Proximity Flight on Xbox 360 and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for PC coming up.

What are you playing this weekend? And let us know if you like the new layout. My hope is that it proves easier to read and easier to find what you are looking for, but we are always open to suggestions. In the end though, it's all about the games! Thanks and have a great weekend!


  1. I like the new layout, and the banner with the new slogan as well!

    This weekend is all about Pure Chess on the Wii U at the moment, and a little New Super Mario Bros. U with Bean 1 and Mrs. C earlier today. Bean 1 has gotten back into wanting to play New Super Mario Bros. U, after watching a certain YouTube video the other night, and it's been fun going back in and collecting stuff I missed the first time.

    Today we played some "Coin Battles" together, which we hadn't really done a lot of before. Probably did more today, than all time before this.

  2. Nice. I have... 3 or 4 games of pure chess going on my ps4 right now. I love chess, I have a very cool chess board in my den if you're curious I can post a pic of it on here - but I'm not terribly GOOD at said game of chess. I win a little less than half of the games I play (though none of my kids have beaten me - yet). I've ben playing since my dad taught me when I was like 8 - I haven't beaten him yet. I ALMOST had him the other night. Saw a way to put him in check, but didn't realize it was 2 moves away from an inevitable checkmate until he told me later when I didn't make the right choice. That was a bummer.

    My son recently beat both of the Mario games on the Wii U. Absolutely loved them. I need to settle in and play them still. I've been over on my PS3 and 4 more than just about any other console lately - although Bravely Default is quite a good RPG and has me working o my 3DS quite a bit.

    Glad you like the banner and slogan - that one just sort of came to me and I did a quick Google on it with quotes and didn't see it being used by anyone else, but felt really appropriate to me for here since it's true. I don't get into this console vs that console or anything - I just like to see and play good games.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting - I took some of your suggestions in particular to heart there about a month ago, so I'm glad you approve!


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