Ring in the New Year with a New Mud - Kingdoms of the Lost

Kingdoms of the Lost - a swords and sorcery fantasy MUD that gives you the freedom to play how you want.

We have several features that cater to all sorts of different play styles:

- auto-questing in each of the different kingdoms
- customizable equipment
- arena and limited (but optional) player-killing
- role-playing encouraged through rewards, automatically generated RPXP and ranks in kingdoms and religions

Kingdoms of the Lost (KotL) has a mature staff that has been running this game since 2000. Now that 2014 is upon us, why not stop by and take advantage of our:

- random bonusing for the New Year, including imm and combat-triggered mods
- New code modifications
- New area content

With over 150 completely original zones, a wealth of customized code and a variety of things to do, why not take the time to visit a new MUD for the New Year and see if something catches your eye?

port 2222

We look forward to seeing you and your friends!



  1. You didn't mention Daklore. Shame on you!

    Also, Armengar is dead. D-E-D. Dead! :3

  2. LOL - and I haven't gotten to SEE Daklore tonight on the MUD. What's up w/ that? Missing the bonuses I've been handing out!

    And actually, Armengar is kind of... undead now I suppose, eh?

    Thanks for dropping by, bud!

  3. Hi, I'm still Daklore01 January, 2014 14:47

    GW2 too stronk D:

  4. Meh. I play it once in a while and certainly enjoy it. But seriously - MUUUUUUUD. And stuff. New zone to try and kill you lots with. :)


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