A preview of The Guided Fate Paradox

One of the games I have really been looking forward to this fall has been The Guided Fate Paradox. NIS America has released some new screenshots, a trailer and some character art I figured I would share.

The game is set to release on the PS3 November 5th in the US and October 25th in Europe. Here is a quick bit of info on the game:

God has never had it so rough! 

Meet Renya, who happened to become God through a lottery. And then, his self-proclaimed personal angel named Lilliel took him to Celestia right away. Together, they will tackle countless randomly-generated dungeons in this story-driven rogue-like RPG in order to guide the fate of all mankind to a revolution!

Featuring the beautiful artwork of Noizi Ito — the illustrator behind The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Shakugan No Shana — this game is sure to bless you with a rapturous roguelike experience with HD sprites!

And now, some media to tide me over.


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