It's that time of the year...

When I get to use my birthday as an excuse to take a day off of work (technically yesterday I took off - had to get my license renewed. Boy was that fun) and play some video games.

I am not going to lie - I kind of want this cake

I actually find birthdays to be rather amusing. I know a lot of people who bemoan the fact that they are 'getting older'. I like to point out that if you are not getting older, you are dead. I'll take a day with cake over that any day. Here were my birthday thoughts last year, if you care to read/re-read them.

Anyway, I figured this was as good of a time as any just to ask:

- What have you been playing?
- What are you looking forward to game-wise in the next couple of months?

I have been on something of a gaming tear over the last few weeks. I knocked out Dead Space 2 & 3, Uncharted 2 & 3, Metro: Last Light, played Leviathan: Warships, Persona 4 Golden, Madden, Fire Emblem Awakening and I just started up Batman: Arkham Asylum.

All in all, I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for going into a nice extended three day weekend here in a few days. In terms of games coming up, I do not have a ton of them on my wishlist right now. The Last of Us, which a buddy at work is buying and then going to loan me, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks good. Remember Me and Deadpool look like they could be interesting. Oh, and rumor has it I like football just a bit - so NCAA and Madden would be nice to acquire as well. Meanwhile, I am trying to churn through a large chunk of my backlog so I can better decide if I will be picking up a next gen system at the end of the year or not.

Thanks for stopping by - and let me know what you have been playing or are looking forward to as well!


  1. "What have you been playing?"

    Not a whole lot in the last few weeks. Mainly games with Bean 1: Kirby Mass Attack, a little Fluidity (not enough I really count it as "playing"), a little Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo Land, and Trine 2. I actually finished all the levels in Trine 2 now, so if I can finish my video/write-up on it, before the end of the year that would be great.
    I'm looking forward to getting back to Toki Tori 2 though, as that game's puzzles are crazy! Also, breaking out a Star Wars game hopefully soon, and by soon that probably means next year...but I'm really trying to start The Force Unleashed II on the Wii this week, since I own it, but have never opened it. Been a little Star Wars inspired with May the 4th and a few images and a video I'm working on for the Beans.

    As for games I'm looking forward to, what about the ones I don't know about yet? I'm interested to see what Retro has been working on, and it better not be full of fail. Meaning, they better not have wasted years developing Wii U Music.

    Other than that, Splinter Cell: Blacklist does look interesting, and the Rayman Legends demo/app on the Wii U is fun as well. On the Wii U eShop side, there's Mutant Mudds, and one other game I'm not at liberty to talk about just yet.......

    Oh, and happy bithday! BITHDAY!? *such a fail last year

  2. Happy birthday, good sir! I stopped bemoaning birthdays years ago myself. I'm just glad I lived to turn another year older.

    At the moment, I'm playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Wario Land: Shake It! (Stuck on the Area 4 boss), Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, New Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Guess I'm on quite the Mario kick.

    As for what I'm looking forward to, it's a bit tough to say. I really want Mario & Luigi Dream Team but my backlog is so huge that it's easy for me to hold off on upcoming games.

  3. Happy birthday to you! I only hated birthdays when I was a teenager and everyone expected you to throw a party and get drunk. Not that I didn't like getting drunk with friends or anything, but what if I don't feel like that on my birthday? Since I've grown up (Wait.. when did that happen?) and learned that true friends don't expect things from you, that you don't enjoy I've become quite fond of birthdays.

    It's usually my bestie and me, tons of food and lots of games. Who wouldn't enjoy that? XD

    Anyway, how did you like P4G?

    I finished Fire Emblem and have been meaning to write about it since weeks but never really feel like it. I enjoyed it plenty but I couldn't shake off the feeling that the game could have been so much better if they had a bit less of some things and added more depth to other elements. I might get into that a bit more some day when I write that review. ;D Other than that I've been spending my time with Catherine on PS3, Zero's Last Escape on my Vita (since both of them were part of the Instant Game Collection for EU PS+) and pouring tons of hours into Reus on Steam. It's just so addicting... 8)

  4. The Dread Pirate Guy23 May, 2013 01:35

    I'm looking forward to a lot of 3DS stuff. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Project X Zone, the new Batman, Zelda, Smash Bros., and Yoshi.

    I've been playing Happy Wars and Minecraft for 360. For 3DS, it's been Witch & Hero, Luigi's Mansion, and Art Academy.

  5. Happy Birthday, old man.

    I've been playing through Gears of War 2 the last few weeks, a few minutes here and there, in addition to The Last Remnant, which some old guy at work let me borrow.

    Games I'm looking forward to? Well, when it comes to video games, not much, likely Fuse and that's about it. Though, I am seriously looking forward to the new Robotech miniatures board game from Palladium Games that will be out later this year ...

  6. I definitely liked the Gears trilogy. I haven't had a chance to play Judgement yet, but I am keeping an eye on it. That guy who loaned you The Last Remnant must be a REAL nice guy, eh? :P

    Fuse looks pretty solid - thanks for the well wishing!

  7. Project X-Zone is definitely on my must play list. I still need to get Luigi's Mansion 2 as well. The new Batman trailer was why I decided the Arkham games needed to be played by me sooner than later. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. Thanks! As for growing up? I like to joke that I have to grow old, not grow up. So far, I am absolutely loving P4G. I hadn't played a Persona title since the first one on the PS1, which I really enjoyed back at the time - not sure why it took me so long to give another one a go.

    I would definitely be curious to see your expanded thoughts on FE, which has been my favorite 3DS game to date. Interesting that you mentioned Catherine as I just picked that up real cheap about two weeks or so ago (just haven't played it yet).

  9. Thanks, Reggie. :) I share that getting to live another year sentiment.

    Wario Land: Shake it was fun. I haven't had a chance to play Theatrhthm yet, but I really want to. I may get a chance this weekend to pick up a new game while my pops is up visiting from Florida. Right now I'm contemplating Theatrhthm and Persona 4 Arena.

  10. I still really need to give Trine 2 more attention. Despite your assertion that I work at a gaming studio, I am finding it tough to get through my backlog of late. I feel like I have made some really good progress, but I'm not there yet. I want to get through at least another 15-20 games before the end of the year when I am considering a PS4.

    Seeing as I liked the last Splinter Cell game quite a bit, I too am curious about Blacklist. I never got through Force Unleashed - I played some at a buddy's house when it first came out, but I need to pick up both parts 1 & 2 and just beat them. I've heard they're short - weekend fare if I put some time into them.

    LOL - thanks for stopping by, and for the birthday wishes!

  11. I'll start out like last year: Happy Birthday old man! A year later and I'm still creaking forward as well.

    Still am not sure how you complete all those games, work, spend time with family and all that.

    Have had a good mix of 3DS and Wii this year unlike last with a good bit of time on Gunman Clive, Professor Layton (curious village), GTA: Chinatown Wars, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Retro City Rampage. Lots of other stuff sprinkled in as well. Have also been logging alot of time in Bonk's Adventure, SMB2 and Rayman Origins with the kids.

    Looking forward to mostly 3DS stuff since the Wii is a stalemate for releases. Will most likely be buying a XL soon when the price is right. You need another standard 3DS, right? :D

    Games: Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons (NEXT WEEK!!!), Zelda: LTTP2, Shovel Knight, Luigi's Mansion, Gun.Smoke (3DS VC), DKCR 3D, Yoshi's Island 3, new unnamed Zelda-like game from Bertil Hörberg (gunman clive dev), Animal Crossing: New Leaf [still considering] and a few others I forgot. I better write this down soon before I forget.

    Going to be a very heavy Zelda year I suspect. Trying to finish LTTP and Link's Awakening before doing much else, but am definitely getting the oracle games while on sale.

  12. Hello Robert - and thank you! It was a really nice birthday!

    Yeah, unfortunately the Wii has pretty much ground to a complete halt. Funny thing is? my youngest would love a 3DS. My son and I are the 'only 2' with them so far - she has a DSi. What do you consider the 'right price' for a 3DS XL if I might ask?

    Luigi's mansion 2 is definitely one I am interested in. I NEARLY picked that up over the weekend, but held strong as I battle a handful of other titles. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Still lots of good stuff on the Wii, VC and WiiWare that I never got to, but it's a bit different than new releases. I can see myself using it for years to come, though the $50 trade bonus towards a Wii U at Gamestop looked interesting. I also demoed the Wii U for about 10 minutes last week and it was pretty cool.

    On the 3DS XL I was looking for $159 at target like the sale in March. Though it's a moot point now, and I was going to wait a few weeks for a blog post, but the Mrs bought me one yesterday for $175. [early father's day] I did the transfer last night so I guess there's no turning back... :)

    Now I think I need to go get another comfort grip like I did for the 3DS. It's got some good weight and size on it's own, but I like the idea of the protection.

    On Luigi's mansion 2, I demoed it on Sunday and wanted to buy as well. There are quite a few controls to keep hold of, but it was pretty cool and looked great on the XL.

    It's really a great time for the 3DS and lots of games to be had.

  14. I'm grinning as I read this, because I too considered the Wii $50 trade-in looked interesting to me as well. It's not like the Xbox One or PS4 where I lose the backwards compatibility with my Wii games - though I'm not sure if my VC stuff would port over or not.

    Yay for early Father's Day! Most of my stuff came in Grill/Cookout form for my birthday. I have been replaying Fire Emblem on my 3DS lately. I should just beat it one more time and trade it in - maybe toward Luigi's Mansion 2 - because the original was actually one of my favorite GameCube games. :)


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