And... it's a new season, so a new color scheme

Now that I am in this seasonal cycle of updating the look of my blog, it's then time to welcome in an upcoming holiday, and a new color scheme.  The white on black is my personal favorite, but I live in a state where it gets very white, very bright and very cold.  I therefore went with some lighter shades - especially the purples as that is easily my wife's favorite color.

I also loved the background I put up, though it's being somewhat obscured by all those silly boxes of text, so I thought I would include it above for anyone who wants to see the whole thing.  As for the games in the top banner?  We again have Madden 13, but also Mario Kart 7, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection and Guardian Cross - all games I am spending quite a bit of time with lately.  Madden in particular is still a huge time suck for me. 

Being able to play it online with my friend in a couple of franchise modes this year really is breathing new life into the series for me.  Bragging rights are so much better with a friend, than just winning over the computer or people you've never met face-to-face.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the look as we roll into the months of winter wonderland!


  1. The only thing I think is missing, is your blog title in the image. You could put it over that terrible defense in the picture, since it's like they aren't even there anyway. 0_0

    With Mario Kart 7 being listed, I guess that means the 3DS has been found and dusted off.

    As for the banner, I like seeing them changed out, as it keeps thing fresh...I have been working slowly over the last 2 weeks on getting more familiar with Photoshop and the effects in it (started off for a Bean 1 Halloween video), and really enjoying the program the more I learn's just trying to teach an old dog new tricks, since I have my habits from Picture IT.

  2. Good point on the blog name - hadn't even thought about how I didn't toss some lettering over it. I'll have to take a peek at that on Monday when I get back to my image editor and put something up there.

    I have in fact been playing a lot of 3DS the last couple of nights or so. My wife's been watching the TV a ton, so Mario Kart and Kid Icarus have been getting a heavy dose of play, with Kid Icarus finally getting beaten. :)

    As for editing programs, I have a couple i am used to - Snagit and a really old version of Photoshop, where as my wife won't use anything but Paintshop Pro.

    Thanks for dropping by (and the banner reminder for text)

  3. Took me a day longer than I had meant, but I did update it here and on my FB page. Thanks again for the 'catch'. :)


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