King's Bounty: Crossworlds - PC Review

This is not going to be a full-fledged review. Why? Well, I thoroughly reviewed King's Bounty: The Legend here. And the thing is, this game feels very much like that one. It uses the same graphics engine, it uses the same basic soundtrack and the controls are the exact same. Now, that said, I really enjoyed the first game, and this one is just a shade better in some other areas, so I'll go over those points now.

In the first game, you took on the role of a knight tasked with helping his kingdom in increasingly important ways. The storyline was very text-heavy and not always the most easily-followed series of plot points, but the writing was generally good and there was a ton of area to explore. You could control four spirits of rage to assist you in combat as you used various troops and spells to help wage war in turn-based combat carried out on a flat hex grid. I sunk at least 100 hours into the first title and even replayed a good chunk of it immediately after.