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Interesting article on Yahoo! about the Onlive cloud system for playing higher end games on lower end computers. As someone with a fairly low-end cpu, the idea is intriguing - as someone with a 360, Wii and PS3, I'm firmly in the corner of having hardware that just plays games under optimal conditions. Probably not for me, but interesting all the same.

Got my Wii back. The first round of the process did not go so smoothly - my UPS shipping label never arrived, so after about 10 days I flagged them down. The next one got to me 2 days later, it was shipped out, repaired and back 3 days later. So that time the process ran about a week. Having picked up a handful of new Wii games, including one for the kids for Christmas, I'm rather hoping to roll out some Wii reviews again soon. Spent some time tonight playing Wii Sports Resort tonight with my son, rebuilding Mii's and fiddling around with Dr. Mario Online Rx. Good times. :)

Not sure specifically what was wrong with the Wii - they replaced the whole thing it looks like, so it must have been a fairly major failure. Still, $85 shipped, replaced, with a 1 year warranty isn't too bad - and I had heard horror stories about how ds's and wii's could be tough to get your downloaded games back onto. It wasn't bad at all, they associated the new machine with my old, and my prior downloads list was on there, so Mario Party, Ninja Gaiden, Final Fantasy, Pokemon Rumble and more simply had to be downloaded. Perhaps the biggest bummer was the loss of the save data. Makes me want to start using the SD card and see if that's a bit more reliable since between this and my daughter accidentally reformatting it this summer, we've had to rebuild our Smash Bros. and Mario Kart data for the 3rd time now.


  1. It seems that Nintendo's repair shop, isn't really Nintendo, and they have the same results nearly 100% of the time, with just sending out a completely "new" system to everybody...

    You can read another guy's story here:

    That's why I was so interested when your's broke, because I wondered if anything had changed...now I know it hasn't and I'm fearful for if my Wii stops functioning now.

  2. Interesting link - that does sound almost exactly like my repair notes - right down to replacing the drive as well as the board in the notes, but clearly having replaced the whole unit - serial #, ID and all. I went through the process of updating my prior downloads and re-adding all of my contacts.

    My 360 redringed a couple of years ago, and the process was a bit slower, but it worked out better. Not because of the machine or the repairs, but that I kept my hard drive. I wonder if using an SD stick and copying all of the save data to it (I really don't mind re-downloading the shop games, that's like a 45 minute job, but losing all of the save data - that was a killer) might not be the way to go from now on, so that when you send the system back, you still have your saves.


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