Gaming News and Notes from 9-17-10

Well, there's been a few interesting odds and ends this week, so here's what I found:

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is expected to release in March.

The fairly new action MMO APB has already said they are closing down, though there's rumors that Epic may be interested in picking it up.

Team ICO has a release collection for Shadow of the Colossus and Ico (two very cool old school games) - basically getting the God of War collection HD update - with 3d graphic support.

Epic Mickey is expected for Nov 30th.

The developers of Demon's Souls have a new game in the works - and it won't be ps3 exclusive.

There's a new Devil May Cry. Disgaea 4, and Ninja Gaiden 3 all on tap with future releases.

And then for the big gaming elephant in the room, a humble little title called Halo: Reach rolled out this week - to the tune of $200 million in the first 24 hours. Of course not all is roses on this front, as there's been reports of some disc errors. Still, the reviews have been good from most of the critics and it sure seems like Bungie put out a ton of effort for this last release in the series (from them. No doubt Microsoft will keep sequels, prequels and spinoffs coming). Here's a brief article where Bungie discusses their interest in their new contract to work with Activion - largely due to Blizzard's standing as one of the top online entities in gaming. You can read about it here.

And in other Halo news - I too succumbed to it yesterday. A combination of good deals got me on board with it. First, Microsoft is offering 40% off if you upgrade from silver to gold this week - making it $30 instead of the usual $50. And the price goes up in a couple of months to $60, so if you're on the fence for this, it is not a bad idea to consider the upgrade. They are also offering some sort of a helmet/avatar throw-in that you get a code emailed to you in a few weeks. On top of that, Walmart is giving away $20 gift cards if you purchase Halo: Reach this week (one of my co-workers said he got the same deal through Best Buy as well). With it came a code for a helmet addon in-game and it had a nice free 2 day gold code I gave to my son for when he plays.

I haven't touched campaign mode yet - I logged about 5 hours of online last night though, and my impressions are quite favorable so far. I had a lot of fun, but want to dig into some of the other features before making a full post review of it. I'm also close to the end of Limbo and plan to write up a review on that as well, but wanted to beat it and grab a few of the achievements before sharing that review as well - so I should have a couple coming in a matter of days if time allows. Until then - take care.


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