News and Notes from 12-3-09

Quick hits rumors and news posts from the last day or so:

EA is working on a new Medal of Honor game – setting it in Afghanistan and giving it a modern feel and storyline. Expect tons of comparisons to the Call of Duty series – including the recently released Modern Warfare 2 (which I am hoping to toss up a review to tonight).

A new gimmick to help Microsoft abduct your Xbox points is coming today – Pets for your avatar on the 360. I’ve read that these will be around 240 points and you can buy different kinds of cats, dogs, a bird, a hamster, a snake, a goldfish (they stare at you, all gold and unblinking)… possibly more. Personally, I would rather put the 240 points toward downloadable content like extra characters in Ultimate Alliance 2 or something else, but I get the sneaking suspicion that once my kids learn about this, they’ll want a pet for their accounts too. *hangs his head*

Gamespot originally reported that Logitech was creating a UMD add-on for the recently released PSP Go. The rumor makes some sense as the PSP Go has not come anywhere close to Sony’s sales expectations, with rumors of sharp price cuts for it taking place first in Europe and possibly in the States as well and there are plenty of people who have older PSP’s who would not update to a Go despite the improved display (at least over older gen PSPs). However, IGN reported that a Logitech rep actually got in touch with them and said that no – they are not currently working on this hardware expansion. However, I suspect it is only a matter of time until someone does, but if so, it appears to be a good ways off still.

Lastly, EA’s somewhat controversial game Dante’s Inferno (the controversy has revolved more around the marketing tactics than the game itself so far) has a downloadable demo date for the PSe on Dec 10th and Xbox 360 on Desc 24th. Apparently there is no demo date confirmed for the PSP which is also one of the targeted release platforms.


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