A week or so off

Well, I had been doing pretty good getting Wed news posts out, getting at least a review a weekend out, that sort of thing. I will probably be taking a week or two off from posts though. I have a stack of new games I've been playing, and been pretty busy the last couple of weekends with other things. This weekend I have nothing going on though, so I plan to sit back and log some serious game time in and relax. Currently being played: King's Bounty - Legend on my PC, The Witcher on my PC, Monster Hunter Tri on my Wii, the latest Castlevania for my 360 and Fallout: New Vegas and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for my ps3. I need to whittle down this list by 1 or 2 games though I think. Recently played games coming up for review soon include Metroid: Other M, Risk: Factions, the latest Pacman and Space Invader remixes and Faerie Solitaire so I have plenty to come - just need a week or two to get things around for the next flurry of posts. :) Until then, enjoy the 3 most recent ones including Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review. I've been enjoying that game a lot.
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