Sega CD - 20 years (and two days) old!

So I was browsing IGN a couple of nights ago when I saw the article proclaiming that the Sega CD was 20 years old.  I immediately went and hit up a few websites to confirm that, and sure enough - it is.  It is funny, because as I get older and the annual birthdays come around, people tease me asking me if I am starting to feel old.  I reply that no - my birthdays do not make me feel old, but specific birthdays that my kids have do.  This year was a doozy on that front too, as my oldest turned 16, my son turned 13 and my youngest hit 10.  Driving age, teenager, double digits.

Well, now video game systems are starting to have the same effect on me.  See, I recall very clearly when I got the Sega CD.  I have posted about the Genesis I got from my uncle years ago, and it was definitely a favorite system of mine.  Almost every console has a handful of games that really resonated well with me, and become the games I immediately think of when I reflect back on that console.  That being said - there were a lot of Genesis games that immediately spring to mind for me, so when an opportunity came up to 'add' to my Genesis and pick up the Sega CD peripheral back then, I did so right away.

I actually do not know anyone else who owned one of these, except my best friend Randy growing up.  He had one, but only nabbed a couple of games for it like Night Trap and Sewer Shark.  Generally speaking, there was a trend of trying to put actual video footage to the games on these systems, often with grainy, diluted results.  The above two titles were perfect examples of this, and a pair of games that I really never cared for all that much.

I did however, have a handful of games for my Sega CD that I actually quite enjoyed.  Lunar was probably the best known IP to spring from that platform, though Working Designs also released a slightly more futuristic RPG called Vay that I quite enjoyed as well.

There were some good strategy titles for those who are interested in such games - the two that stand out to me were Shining Force CD and Dark Wizard.  Both of these were games I really enjoyed playing.  I had a handful of other titles as well, such as Spider-man vs Kingpin and Sonic the Hedgehog CD.  All in all, I know the Sega CD was short-lived and not particularly well-liked upon release, but I definitely found some worthwhile titles to play on it back then.  Anyone else out there by chance have any experience with this guy?  Like me, does the age of some of these games and consoles start to make you feel JUST a bit older?  Thanks for dropping by!
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