A zany week, nearly in the books...

So, things have been busy. And I don't mean slightly busy - but more akin to: I'm exhausted and sleeping by 10:30 most nights, usually after putting in an 11+ hour day of work, which this week included moving, and several rather stressful proposals as we make some big changes in my department going forward. But - you're not here to read about work, but probably video games, right? Well, that's upcoming in large quantities hopefully as well.

This picture actually has nothing to do
with this post - I just thought it looked cool

When I have had time for games this week, it has largely been Madden 13 with one of my buddies - we have gotten a handful of seasons into our online franchise and while I won the first Super Bowl, he has taken the last two now.

PlayStation Plus had Super Street Fighter IV Arcade, which I have been looking to buy for some time. Super-excited to see that one pop for free now, so I hope to be playing that over the weekend. The thing is beastly in size though - 18 gigs, so I had to clear off some other games I was not playing anymore to make room.

On top of that, all three of my mobile games have 'events' going on right now. If you have any interest in starting those up, I'll include my promo codes here too.

Rage of Bahamut has a Holy War - a very player vs player based event (promo: mao88238)

Marvel: War of Heroes has an X-Men themed event (promo: muu267365)

Guardian Cross - they have a limited time Dungeon until Sunday (promo:PJ33724)

So I will no doubt be poking at those over the weekend as well. Last year around the holidays (or holidaze depending on how busy and tired I am by the end of them) I only had a couple of posts. I am working on several more right now, just summarizing some of my thoughts on gaming this year (favorite titles, biggest disappointments, things like that).

Any plans this weekend or for Christmas - gaming-related or otherwise?  Have a great weekend!
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